June Product Spotlight -- Whats New At VaporNation


What’s good citizens of VaporNation, it’s a new month so that means new products up on our site, check out what we have on deck and snag a new piece for June to start your summer 2018 of right!

MONQ ($20.00)


Right off the bat we have a bit of new territory for VaporNation, in the form of the MONQ pen-style personal oil diffuser. Blending modern vape technology with the ancient practice of aromatherapy MONQ diffusers can give you a quick dose of meditation anytime during your day. Each essential oil is 100% organic and free of GMOs, nicotine, tobacco, and artificial ingredients. There is no loading or mixing with the MONQ, all you have to do to take a draw is inhale into your mouth, and exhale through the nose aka the MONQhale. The MONQ pens don't’ overstimulate your senses, they simply allow you to enjoy the essence of your premium blends. With 11 premium blends to choose from, including Active, Zen, and Ocean, there is a MONQ diffuser for anyone looking to cultivate any vibe they want to feel throughout the day.

Dr. Dabber Switch ($399.99)


You can tell by it’s build that the Dr. Dabber Switch is here to be taken seriously. This thing has 25 heat settings, so you can experience the taste and effects of your dry herb or concentrate any way you’d like to. The Switch uses induction heating, meaning it can handle both herb or concentrates perfectly and won’t compromise on either. While it may seem intimidating at first glance, Dr. Dabber prepares you for whatever might come your way by providing induction cups, prep tools, carb cap, and a storage box. With it’s vast heat settings, and a battery that gives you 150 uses on a single charge (while only taking an hour to charge), the Switch is looking to be your number one desktop vape.

Pitch-N-Puff ($14.99)


What a better way to enjoy a day on the links than by engaging in some discreet dry herb consumption? Puffingtons has given FORE20 (I’m so sorry, but I had to) friendly golfers a nice package to store and enjoy their golf course stash. The “stash ball” is designed to blend in with your new sleeve of Titleists and won’t draw any attention to your herb oriented pre-shot ritual. Paired with the stash ball is a stylishly refined one hitter made to look like a golf tee. Honestly it could probably actually WORK as a golf tee, but if you make that choice you also might make the choice to buy a new one if you have a bad swing. The one hitter is white, with gold accents so you don’t have to worry too much about keeping it ash-stain free.

The Blazer Big Buddy Turbo Torch ($39.95) and Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot Torch ($89.99)


These two are for all the rig-heads out there. Blazer has been the leader in torch manufacturing for over two decades, and for good reason. Their Blazer Big Buddy offers an extremely powerful 2500°F flame and  60 minute continuous burn time, so your nail won’t ever be left in the cold during a dab session prep. With a flame height adjuster the Big Buddy can go as big or as little as you need, on the fly. For those who might want to pair their Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig with it’s torch counterpart we’ve got the Higher Standards Big Shot Torch, made in collaboration with Blazer of course. With a stylish white and black colorway the Big Shot Torch won’t stick out like some futuristic “bully” looking torches sometimes do. Precision-engineered to deliver a stable, versatile, and powerful flame, the Blazer Big Shot Torch by Higher Standards offers reliable torching that can be tailored to your dabbing preferences.

MJ Arsenal Blunt Bubblers and Mini Dab Rigs ($17.99-$39.99)


Rounding out our diverse June lineup of new products is the joint smokers new best friend: the blunt bubbler. MJ Arsenal has cornered the market on joint filtration and provided us with two tiny lil’ dab rigs to take your sessions to the next level. The purpose of each blunt bubbler is the same: make your blunts or joints less harsh when inhaling. Every product in the MJ Arsenal line is spill and splash-back proof, so you won’t have to worry about a soggy joint ruining your day.

Paired with the King Toke, Commander, and Martian bubblers are the Hydra Mini Rig and the Merlin Recycler Joint Bubbler and Mini Rig. The small size of these rigs concentrates your vapor into a tight space, and delivers with a force that will surprise you based on their small size. Both rig, and all the bubblers, are insanely portable thanks to their size. Each piece is made of medical grade borosilicate glass, the strongest, concentrate-proof glass available.


Charles Mockler
VaporNation Content Writer

Charles Mockler is a vaporizer critic and writer at The VaporNation Blog, a leading source for expert opinions and information about vaporizers. His blogs are read by tens of thousands of people each month. He specializes in the latest technology trends including induction heating and decarboxylation.

Charles' goal is to provide readers with reliable, helpful, and balanced opinions on vaping. He does not recommend vaping to those who don't already smoke, but his articles do offer advice for existing vape enthusiasts including reviews and how-tos about the latest vaporizers. Charles has reviewed and tested a myriad of vaporizers and recommends people do as much research as possible before buying any vaporizer.

Charles was introduced to vaping after moving to Los Angeles during the vaporizer boom. A fan of "true vaporization," he prefers convection vapes with ceramic ovens. His articles include What is an Induction Vaporizer?, How to Decarb Dry Herb, and 8 Best Electric Dab Rigs of 2018.

A graduate of the University of Montana, Charles now resides in the Greater Los Angeles area where he reviews vaporizers and hosts a podcast about the Los Angeles Clippers.

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