KandyPens Elite Vaporizer Review - Sleek, Sexy Wax Pen

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KandyPens ELITE is a few steps ahead of the average wax pen. Its look, feel, and performance are very agreeable. The hits are flowy. Vapor production is excellent; either small and poignant or big and robust, depending on which of the two included atomizers you use. And with a triple coat finish, the KandyPens Elite looks like the Rolls Royce of wax pens. In fact, the Vape Critic recently named it Best Vape Pen. Let’s put KandyPens Elite under the microscope and see what sets this wax pen apart.

KandyPens Elite Features



KandyPens Elite comes with two atomizers, giving it very well-rounded vapor production that will leave most users pleased.

The coilless ceramic atomizer vapes wax very efficiently. With this atomizer, KandyPens Elite vapes waxy oils against more surface area, so you get the most out of each bowl. The ceramic lining also vaporizes wax slowly and lowly rather than burning a fraction of it with rapid, high temperature flash vaporization.

The KandyPens Elite dual quartz rod atomizer delivers bigger, more robust vapor than the coilless atomizer. More coils, more heat, more vapor. But the inert nature of quartz keeps the vapor smokeless, clean-tasting. The actual chamber lining is also quartz, a rarity among wax pens, for all-around smoother vapor production.

Overall KandyPens Elite vapor tastes clean and full-flavored, especially with the coilless atomizer.

KandyPens Elite Atomizer


Elevated Airflow

The latest KandyPens vape pens feature an “elevated airflow system” in which airflow holes, which keep the coils from overheating and provide better flow to the mouthpiece, are located higher up the chamber walls than the average wax pen.

These elevated airholes prevent wax from leaking out of the KandyPens Elite. They also enable you to load as much wax as possible without clogging the KandyPens Elite airholes.

In addition, the bottom of the KandyPens Elite chamber is sealed to stop wax from leaking onto the threads, an icky problem with other wax pens.


Triplicate Finish

KandyPens Elite has an elegant, Beverly Hills look. But it’s also very sturdily built. The KandyPens ELITE vape’s finish is much less likely to chip or scratch than the average vape pen. It features three coats, two more than the average wax pen. The quality is visible, adding to the overall aesthetic of KandyPens Elite. The surface feels very smooth and solid. KandyPens Elite comes in a variety of looks, all of which are stylish combinations of Rose Gold and White Ceramic.


KandyPens Elite in Rose Gold


Upgraded Mouthpiece

KandyPens Elite features an aircarb in its mouthpiece with two functions: Increasing airflow for bigger clouds with a drop in flavor, or decreasing airflow (with a finger blocking the carb) for smaller, poignant hits. We found the aircarb achieved its purpose, and recommend blocking it when using the coilless atomizer to really intensify the flavor of the hit. On the flip side, keeping it open when using the dual quartz rod atomizer produces some real lung-busters.


Using KandyPens ELITE


4 Heat Settings

Temperature control is fairly standard for the KandyPens Elite, although it does have one more temperature setting than the usual temp controlled vape pen, and of course, three more than single temp vapes. The fourth setting goes up to 430F for bigger draws with a slight decrease in flavor. Toggling temperature with the KandyPens Elite is very easy with a single-button, click-based control.


KandyPens Elite Battery

The KandyPens Elite battery gives you above average continuous use on a full charge, especially with the coilless atomizer, which uses less power. Thanks to the efficiency of the atomizers, you can pull an ample hit from KandyPens Elite in as little as 2 seconds, which ends up saving battery power in the long run.


Cleaning the Kandy Pens Elite

Overtime, residue will accumulate in the chamber of KandyPens Elite. This is just a fact of nature with all wax pens. To prevent build up, run regular burn offs by holding the KandyPens Elite upside down and pressing the button for 3 seconds multiple times.

If you want to invest time in cleaning and maintaining KandyPens Elite, we recommend using isopropyl alcohol. You can soak the atomizer in it, or use a q tip to wipe the chamber and threading of the KandyPens Elite.

Overall, KandyPens Elite is very easy to clean, especially the coilless atomizer.


Our Opinion on KandyPens Elite

There’s certainly an argument for calling KandyPens Elite the best vape pen of the year, as a few vaporizer reviewers have. KandyPens Elite does the essential things well, from vapor production to aesthetics. Functionality in regards to the battery life and controls is also above average. If you like wax concentrates, find yourself on your feet often, and have a flare for flashy yet functional products, the KandyPens Elite wax pen is well worth considering.

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