The KandyPens Rubi is an exciting new pod vaporizer for nic salts,  eliquids, and oils, offering a great alternative to smoking devices and larger vaporizers on the market. Based on an open pod system that allows the user to re-fill their cartridge, the Rubi offers more user customization in a completely bespoke package.


The design of the Rubi deviates from the familiar form of the Kandypens line. Making a departure from their candy-colored vape pens, the Rubi occupies a polished, professional corner for the elegant consumer. Crafted from stainless steel, the Rubi feels solid in your hand, despite its small form-factor.

 At just four inches in length, it is one of the most discreet vapes on the market.  Its rounded edges and minuscule size make it a pleasure to hold.  The button-less design and simple illuminated logo offer a minimalistic refinement that is the perfect accouterment for any occasion.

***Update 1/19/2018*** The Rubi now comes in three new colors. This brings the total number of options to four colors. With a choice between grey, black, pink and red, you now have the ability to fit the Rubi with your lifestyle. 



With a cartridge featuring a ceramic coil wrapped in Japanese cotton, Rubi brings a higher standard of performance to the pod market. While there is no shortage of re-fillable cartridge vaporizers, their production and performance can be shoddy at best. The 1ML tank of the Rubi is to my knowledge, the largest capacity of any pod currently available.  Most users will find this sufficient for a day's worth of vaping. The cartridge features a leak-proof carb hole which definitely aids in airflow.

The battery is rated at around 280mAh, this is on par with most pen-style devices and will eliminate the need for mid-day charges. The power supplied from the Rubi is surprising upon the first draw, creating more vapor with a short pull than this user had expected.  While this battery capacity may not seem the most inspiring on paper, it’s clear the unit has been optimized to make the most of this capacity.

The output of the KandyPens Rubi is perfect for mouth-to-lung inhales or even direct-mouth hits. This is one of the few vaporizers of this size that can deliver clouds of vapor which closely mimic the density of actual smoke. The taste is very clean as well, even when chain-vaping. Allowing very little cool down time between puffs, I never got the burnt taste commonly associated with cheap auto draw cartridge systems.



The user activates the Rubi upon inhalation for no-fuss operation. While offering no variable voltage or temperature control, the pod system is so well integrated that I didn’t find myself missing it. No need to tweak or test, the Rubi delivers right out of the package.

Re-filing the pods is likewise a fairly intuitive affair. Simply remove the pod from the battery of your Rubi vaporizer. Identify the filling hole on the side of the cartridge.  This is where your elquid will enter. Remove the plug and carefully place the dropper of your e liquid into the pod. Fill without over-filling and you’re good to go.

The package includes a small dropper, which is pre-measured for perfect fills. The tip of the supplied dropper is also very narrow, making filling without spill foolproof. However, fret not if you are a frequent loser of small things, I had no problem filling with a standard dropper.


Pod vs Mod

If you’re newer to vaping, you might be overwhelmed by the number of options available.  With most mod systems, the user is offered an extreme amount of customization and power. However, most users don’t want to overcome the steep learning curve these devices have.  

While generic vape pens and kits offer a simple alternative, they tend to lack in power and performance. This low performance can make many newcomers give up on vaping. Thusly, pod style vaporizers are optimized to bridge the gap between the two systems. Their proprietary use of pods allows them to use higher grade materials and offer optimized performance. The output and simplicity of this unit make it easy to recommend to newcomers, or seasoned mod vapers looking for a super-portable solution.


Open Pod vs Closed Pod system

With pod mod vaporizers becoming increasingly popular, it’s important to consider which kind of system is best for you. There are two types of systems currently available, open pod cartridge systems and closed pod cartridge systems.

Open pod cartridge systems feature cartridges which can be re-filled by the user. This allows you to know exactly what you are vaping. Pod mods like this are favored by those who like to make their own ejuice, as well as those who like a wider variety of juices. Open systems allow the greatest versatility, making them a great choice for all vapors. They can also be used in conjunction with e liquids derived from waxy oils and concentrates.

Closed pod systems feature tanks which ship pre-filled with vaping materials. These are currently the most popular type of pod mod, including models like the Juul, the BO One Vape, and the Pax Era. While this solution does avoid the occasional sticky mess of filling tanks, it also limits your variety of vaping materials.


Juul vs Rubi

The Juul is the closest competitor to the Rubi, both in price and design. While the Juul is widely considered to be the best pod mod on the market, the Rubi offers features which make it a viable alternative.  Here is a comparison between the two:


                                                            Rubi                                                                                                                          Juul


  • Open pod design allows the user to re-fill cartridges



  • Pods are not intended to be re-filled


  • Can be used with any vape Juice



  • Limited to 5 Flavors sold by Juul


  • Can be used with CBD, THC oils, and any vapable extract



  • Pods are limited to nic salts


  • Larger capacity 280mAh battery means longer life and less charging



  • 200mAh battery good for 200 puffs


  • Charged via mini USB for wide compatibility with chargers


  • Can only be charged via proprietary charger
  • LIfetime warranty on battery
  • 1 year limited warranty



  • At 4 inches long it can be easily stored in your palm or hidden from sight
  • Open system offers the greatest versatility for a pod-based vaporizer
  • Quality for the price is simply unrivaled; you would be hard-pressed to find a better balance of construction, performance and value in a straightforward package


  • A drawback of all pod-based systems is the additional waste they create vs a re-fillable glass tank
  • Some users will prefer a system that is pre-measured with nic salts to avoid the hassle of dealing with e juice
  • Can’t yet speak to the longevity of the re-fillable cartridge but with a single replacement costing around $10, we hope that they’ll stand up to long-term use


The KandyPens Rubi is a definite standout as an open-system, user-refillable, pod-based vaporizer. To be honest, this reviewer had to reach to drudge up things that I dislike about it. Will this pod mod outperform a box mod like the Smok Alien 220W kit? No, but it’s not really meant to. This vape is the epitome of a grab-and-go vape that “just works” and works well.



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