Limited Edition 24K K-Vape's Have Arrived!



Everything you love about the original K-Vape is now available (for a limited time) in two new eye-catching designs. With the 24K Edition, you can choose between a white or black body style, both featuring elegant gold trim. The Limited Edition 24K K-Vape features the best of both worlds, style and function!


The K-Vape is one of the most popular vaporizers on the market, and for good reason. Aside from being extremely simple to operate, the K-Vape is also super-durable and highly dependable, so much so that KandyPens backs it with a lifetime warranty! Compared to similar units that offer a 1-2 year warranty at most, it's easy to see why the K-Vape has quickly become one of the hottest selling vaporizers around.


Since the K-Vape utilizes convection heating, you'll only be getting pure, delicious vapor out of your sessions. By heating your herbs below the point of combustion, the active ingredients are released without having to be burned or ignited, resulting in a smoke and combustion free experience. 
While many vaporizers make the claim to be combustion free, they often times use conduction heating, which means your herb will come into direct contact with the heating element, resulting in the herbs burning instead of vaporizing. As the K-Vape utilizes a large stainless steal heating chamber, your herbs never come into contact with the heating element, and instead "bake" to the optimal temperature, resulting in a true vaporization experience. 
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