Magic Flight JaK D'Rippa Review

JaK D'Rippa vaporizer

Magic Flight builds super simple-to-use vaporizers with hand-crafted maple wood components and artistic designs. You’ve probably heard of their Magic Flight Launch Box, a curious little portable vape for dry herb that looks like something your genius hippy uncle constructed in his garage. They’ve returned with a torchless enail for dabbers, the Magic Flight JaK D’Rippa vaporizer. It’s whip-style and features two methods for waxy oil consumption--dab or dipstick. It’s also very efficient with wax. And delivers fat dabs without a torch. The JaK D’Rippa enail can be used whip-style, or with a water pipe. For example, Magic Flight’s Orbiter bubbler attachment works quite nicely with the JaK D’Rippa vaporizer, which we cover below.

Overall, the Magic Flight JaK D’Rippa vaporizer offers a solid dab experience, with a unique, hippy twist. While it’s not quite as convenient as a battery-powered portable enail (it has tubes and cords), it’s much more efficient with wax than the average enail--and a lot more fun!

What Kind of Power Does the JaK D’Rippa Enail Have?

The JaK D’Rippa vaporizer is powered by a Magic Flight AC 110v power adapter that plugs into the wall. While it’s not portable, the AC outlet gives you more power for bigger dabs. The power component is a maple wood box with a dial for toggling heat. At first glance you’ll see Magic Flight designers have given the JaK D’Rippa a spiritual bent. Constellations are carved into the top of the power box, and the back features a metal plate embellished with thoughtful affirmations. The maple wood makes the JaK D’Rippa enail pleasant to handle and look at. And beneath the wooden surface you get a powerful component that’s super easy to use.

(A maple wood control box with rotary dial, engravings, and a Magic Flight plaque.) 

The JaK D’Rippa enail features a rotary dial that basically gives you precision temperature control, where you can increase or decrease by the individual temperature, though the temp is not displayed. It takes a few uses to get a feel for the temperatures. We recommend starting at lower temperatures and gradually moving up to find your ideal vapor profile. The lower temperatures create smaller, flavor-rich hits. The higher you go, the bigger the clouds. On full blast, the JaK D’Rippa produces the kind of giant clouds you’d expect from a desktop dab-rig, with an instant head change.

Overall, the JaK D’Rippa control box is powerful and really easy to use, although there’s a slight learning curve in terms of finding your preferred temperature.

Now let’s go over the two dabbing attachments included with the JaK D’Rippa enail.

Two Dabbing Styles

JaK D'Rippa Enail

(The JaK D'Rippa heating component is compatible with two different heating elements.)

The Magic Flight JaK D’Rippa comes with two different heating elements, the Rip-Receiver (for dabs) and the Rip-Tip (for dipstick vaping). Both must be attached via two prongs that stick into two holes found on the main JaK D’Rippa piece. The vapor profile for both heating elements is basically the same, so it really comes down to whether you feel like cleaning up afterward, and whether you mind wasting a bit of wax, since both offer different experiences in that regard. The Rip-Receiver is more of a traditional dabbing piece, while the Rip-Tip is more efficient with wax since you don’t have to transfer any material (you just dip into a jar full of concentrate).


If you want to load dabs onto the heating surface before taking a hit, the Rip-Receiver is your heating element. It’s a wooden bowl with a little hammock-like screen held-up by the two heating prongs. Just dab some wax onto the screen using the tool included with the Magic Flight JaK D’Rippa vaporizer. The screen will eventually need to be replaced, and you’ll need to clean the Rip-Receiver here and there as wax will probably drip into the bowl. The advantage of the Rip-Receiver is that you can choose exactly how much wax you want to vaporizer. The dabs are fat right from the get-go. You might find some trouble loading the Rip-Reciever as the walls of the wooden bowl are high (probably for safety reasons) and can kind of get in the way as you're loading a dab. 

(The Rip-Reciever is loaded like a traditional enail.) 

JaK D'Rippa is a true enail and lives up to its name with huge rips. For that reason, you don't want to load too much wax, nor do you need to. We recommend a small amount of waxy oil. That’s all the JaK D’Rippa vape really needs to create big clouds, and any more than that will be overwhelming and a waste of wax. Magic Flight also suggests pausing in between hits for a minute or two to let the heating element cool. In a nutshell, the Rip-Receiver is a heating element with a design unlike anything we've dabbed with before. There's definitely a DIY hippy vibe that a lot of people will probably enjoy. And the functionality is solid. Expect big dabs fast. 

Pro tip: If wax starts to drip off the screen, slightly tip the Rip-Receiver in the opposite direction to keep the wax on the heating element.


Magic Flight was thoughtful enough to enable dip stick style vaping via the included Rip-Tip attachment, which plugs into the main heating component of the JaK D’Rippa vape through a two-prong connection. Dip stick vaping is an efficient way to vape wax because you don’t have to transfer the concentrates from the jar to the bowl. You don’t lose those extra bits of wax that will stick to the tool, jar, and walls of the bowl. The Magic Flight Rip-Tip is a basic version of the dip stick, with a slim design that will fit in narrow concentrate jars. It features the maple wood that make Magic Flight products unique, and churns up some really fat dabs, though you might need to experiment with the temperature dial to reach your preferred vapor profile. 

(The Rip-Tip is dipped into a metal or glass wax jar.) 

The Rip-Tip resembles a tattoo gun, and is super lightweight and easy to handle. When used properly, you can get big rips from the JaK D’Rippa enail when using the Rip-Tip. If your first hit isn’t so big, turn up the heat a little using the dial. The tip will turn nice and red hot when it’s ready to start dabbing. Remember to start inhaling before you stick the dip stick in the jar of wax. Also remember to only use the Rip-Tip with glass or metal wax containers that are safe. No plastic, paper or silicone!

Magic Flight Orbiter Bubbler


(The Orbiter Bubbler moisturize-conditions each hit from the JaK D'Rippa.) 

JaK D’Rippa is compatible with a variety of 14mm water pieces. Magic Flight recommends using the Orbiter, an orb-like bubbler with showerhead downstem and two female 14mm joints. The Magic Flight Orbiter is easy to use, clean, and extracts smoother, cleaner tasting hits from the JaK D’Rippa enail. The Orbiter comes with two wands (18” and 24”). The Magic Flight water pipe whips have wands with handcarved maple handles and glass stems that are super easy to attach to the Orbiter water pipe. Overall, the Orbiter improves vapor production, and gives you a hands-free experience so you can devote both hands to loading and holding the JaK D’Rippa heating component.

Vapor Production

The JaK D’Rippa enail delivers the fat dabs you’d expect from a desktop dab rig. When using the Rip-Receiver, the rips are big right off the bat. With the Rip-Tip, you might need to play with temperature a bit to get a fatter dab. You also want to make sure to make direct contact with the heating tip and wax concentrate. For smaller, more flavorful, more vaporous dabs, stick to the lower temperatures. JaK D’Rippa creates really flavorful, robust hits. You’ll notice an almost instant head change.  

We recommend using the Magic Flight Orbiter with the JaK D’Rippa to take any harshness out of the dabs. This is after all an enail, not a vaporizer, so the hits can get intense with all that heat. The Orbiter really moisturizes the hits for a more comfortable experience.

Is Magic Flight JaK D’Rippa for You?

JaK D'Rippa vaporizer

The JaK D’Rippa enail is amazing for home use. You get milky dabs in just seconds with no flame necessary. But if you don’t like messing with whip tubing, a portable enail like the Pulsar Hand Enail is a better choice. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a far out experience, the JaK D’Rippa vaporizer is something else. The wooden components with carvings have a truly exceptional feel to them, and the vapor production is dead on. The fact that JaK D’Rippa is super efficient with wax when using the Rip-Tip attachment is a major perk. It saves money on waxy oils, and you don’t have to take time to scoop some wax in order to take a hit, which I really appreciate. Lastly, JaK D’Rippa really rips. It’s like taking a dab from a desktop rig without the hassle of using a torch.

The JaK D’Rippa enail vaporizer is available on VaporNation for less than $180.

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