Magic Flight Launch Box Still Among the Best

There's a reason why Magic Flight has been able to build one of the biggest customer followings of any vaporizer manufacturer. By offering hand-crafted products that are affordable, uniquely designed, and easy-to-use, Magic Fight has separated themselves from the rest of the industry.
Recently, the vaporizer market has become flooded with mass-produced "clones," which all look exactly the same aside from the logo that's been slapped on the front. Magic Flight's goal to break from the mundane and create a vaporizer that looks and functions completely different from the competition has been received with open arms by the vaporization community.
Magic Flight's flagship unit, the Launch Box, is perhaps the smallest and most discreet portable vaporizer in existence. These vaporizers are hand-crafted and sourced from natural, renewable materials. Each Launch Box goes through a pain-staking 87 step assembly process, ensuring an unprecedented level of quality.
Available in many different finishes as well as additional laser-lid design options, the MFLB is a dramatic departure from the common matte black handhelds that are being continually pumped out by manufacturers focused on nothing else but the bottom dollar. Magic Flight takes a completely different approach, instead, focusing on creating a vaporizer that is artistry designed with unique functionality.
Magic Fight's attention to detail and commitment to their customers is clear, as they offer an unprecedented lifetime warranty on their vaporizers. Compare that to other vapes in its class, where a two year warranty is the norm. Few other manufactures care as much about their customers or stand behind their products the way Magic Flight does.
Building on the huge success of the Launch Box, Magic Flight recently released the Muad-Dib Concentrate Box, for use with wax and waxy oils. Staying in line with classic Magic Flight styling, the Muad-Dib features a very "noir" look, and replaces the Launch Box's familar acrylic lid with a brush-brass monocle, reminiscent of "steam-punk" fashion. 
Accessories like the Orbiter and UFO water filtration devices, as well as wooden draw-stems, specially designed grinders and power adapters add to the already massive appeal of Magic Flight units, and allow for a high level of versatility and customization.
Magic Flight vaporizers look and perform beautifully - and are priced starting at less that $120!
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