Magic Flight Launch Box - Tips and Tricks

The Magic Flight Launch Box is a well crafted wooden vaporizer unit that is small enough to fit into ones palm or pocket.  Such portability is virtually unheard of when it comes to vaporizers, absolutely no cords or plugs involved.  Utilizing rechargeable alkaline batteries that heat up copper plated steel rods, there is no unreliable heating method such as butane or flame.  With a nearly instant heat up and cool down, there is next to no wait time between each reload.  The device makes use of an acrylic cover to contain the herbs within.  This is perfect for vaping outdoors as this little machine can be used in even the windiest of conditions. The wood construction gives it a throwback feel even while utilizing the most advanced in modern vapor technology.

Although the Launch Box Vaporizer may seem incredibly simple, it is anything but.  With continuous testing and review the MFLB is always improving, currently on version 63.6.  Each unit combines the skills of various craftsmen and a week of effort to complete, creating a truly personal touch.  It is very simple to use, however, and operation is where simplicity is always welcome.  Just grab a charged battery, load up the trench with ground material, apply pressure to the battery, draw in for 10 to 20 seconds and then be sure to remove the battery.  A couple shakes between draws and it’s that easy to produce some great tasting hits.  Cheaper than many portable options on the market today, the Magic Flight Launch Box is a viable choice for those looking to take their vapor on the go.  Pick one up today for a truly unique vaporizing experience.
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