Maud-Dib Debuts at CHAMPS

The Magic-Flight Maud-Dib Concentrate Box is the smallest portable dab vaporizer ever invented. I had the distinct privilege to test this bad boy out at the CHAMPS Trade Show and boy, oh boyyy does it pack a serious punch. I am crazy excited to share this artistic, efficient little vape with you and even more excited to carry this vaporizer for sale in our online inventory.

The first thing everyone notices about the Magic-Flight Launch Box is the care and artistry applied to every device. As their instruction booklet states, This vaporizer has been through many hands to arrive here in yours.

In true Magic-Flight fashion, the Maud-Dib Box Vaporizer features a cryptic, yet universal, etched aphorism on the back panel: "Intimacy implies loyalty." This aphorism is explained in detail on the Magic-Flight company blog. It's little artistic flourishes like these that make Magic Flight one of the most beloved and respected companies in the vaporizer industry.

...And it doesn't hurt that they throw in a LIFETIME WARRANTY to boot!

To start the flow of your "ingredients," all you do is place a dab of wax or essential oil onto the heating tray, push in the rechargeable NiMH battery and the convection current starts immediately.

There's literally zero waiting time with the Maud-Dib Concentrate Box. Just make sure you've got freshly charged batteries on hand at all times. These things last a good three hours on a single charge, so with a little preparation you can have a one-of-a-kind vaporizing experience with the newest portable vape from Magic-Flight.

The Maud-Dib Concentrate Box functions a lot like the original Magic Flight Launch Box with the optional whip attachment. However, in this case the whip is by no means optional and "ripping it Native Style" is absolutely out of the question.

Why? You ask.

Because this handy little device gets really, really ridiculously hot.

 Beneath that turn-of-the-century Steampunk aesthetic is an expertly engineered , the internal oven and wiring of the Maud-Dib Concentrate Box reaches 900 degrees -- that's right, NINE HUNDRED degrees Fahrenheit, which is more than double what your buddy's butane torch can achieve with his glass dab rig.  

Which just happens to be Just-Goldilocks-Right for vaporizing healthy, cloudy dabs!

As I was readying myself for my delicious vapor, the representatives from Magic-Flight told me "you don't even have to close the lid to take a dab." A challenge to which I responded by flicking the monocle-style lid open, inhaling deeply and exhaling prodigiously with the proclamation, "so you're telling me you ladies like to hit the box topless?"

Amazingly, I didn't get slapped in the face. 
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