The Magical Accessories of the MFLB

Unless you live under a vaporless rock, you know of the Magic Flight Launch Box.  Turns out this eccentric looking vape is the pinnacle mash of simplistic style and exceptional utility.  Its wooden box and glass tube construction with its trademark viewable heating chamber and efficient battery powered operation make it one of the best that’s ever been.  Appropriately, the Magic Flight Launch Box has been around for years with relatively little change to the overall design.  Progress, however, has been continuous, with an ever-growing catalogue of extensive upgrades and accessories that propel the Magic Flight Launch Box into the ranks of vaporizer legends.  If you only know the Magic Flight Launch Box as a quirky portable vape, it’s time to explore some of the other fantastical add-ons it has spawned.

VapeCase (Magic Flight)

VapeCase Magic Flight Case

Your vaporizer is only useful if it’s kept in the best condition possible, which is why Magic Flight has constructed the VapeCase.  It is an airtight carrying case composed of durable polycarbonate plastic and stainless steel.  The case is structurally crafted to fit the Magic Flight Launch Box thoroughly.  Additionally, the VapeCase is waterproof as deep as 15 feet, which will come in handy if your vaping takes you on aquatic adventures.

Magic Flight Bottle Rocket

Magic Flight Bottle Rocket

Sure, vapor is tasty and fresh and gets the job done just fine, but anything worth doing is absolutely worth doing right, which is why Magic Flight has crafted the uniquely utilitarian Magic Flight Bottle Rocket.  This accessory allows the user to filter the already pure vapor from their Magic Flight Launch Box through the liquid in any narrow neck beverage container.  The Magic Flight Bottle Rocket uses a wooden corkscrew diffuser with tubing that dips down into the container and allows the freshly produced vapor to further purify and cool by passing through the liquid and out through an attached whip mouthpiece.  Just when you thought vaping was the best it could get, the Magic Flight Bottle Rocket comes around and vaporizes your mind.

Magic Flight Power Adapter 2.1

Magic Flight Power Adapter

The Magic Flight Launch Box is a powerful portable vaporizer, but it’s also the perfect vape for sharing with fellow herbal enthusiasts.  While the batteries for the Magic Flight Launch Box are plenty efficient enough for personal use, they simply won’t last long enough for sharing around the vapor circle.  With this in mind, Magic Flight has introduced a vigorously versatile alternative to batteries, the Magic Flight Power Adapter 2.1.  A totally vital addition for any social vaper, the Magic Flight Power Adapter turns your trusty Magic Flight Launch Box into a potent desktop vaporizer with the added convenience of precise temperature control and access to an unending power source for unlimited vaping action.

Magic Flight Muad-Dib Vaporizer

Muad-Dib Vaporizer by Magic Flight

On a different but related note, I bet you didn’t know Magic Flight has a solution for your wax vaporization needs.  That’s right, the Magic Flight Muad-Dib Vaporizer is all the ultra-snazzy character and applicability of the Magic Flight Launch Box, but designed to expertly convert delectable wax into yummy vapor.  The Magic Flight Muad-Dib Vaporizer is just as small and discreet as its herbal vaporizing brother and also comes with a lifetime warranty and a heat-up time of only 5 seconds.

While the Magic Flight Launch Box is a righteously appreciated portable vaporizer, there is also a truly impressive and ever expanding collection of accessories equally as deserving of praise.  If you’re looking to take your vaping to a whole other level, Magic Flight has every vaping possibility covered.

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