Memorial Day Sale Spotlight


With the biggest grilling weekend on deck Vapor Nation is coming at your with a 20% off sitewide Memorial Day Sale from 5/25 to 5/28! Get stocked up on a new portable vape or an awe-inspiring new desktop unit. With the entire website at your disposal it's time to treat yourself to something new and celebrate the weekend in style!

If you’ve got a large party planned out, and need to perhaps expedite your rolling process, check out banana bros. OTTO grinder: the first “smart” herb grinder that also fills your cones. With one-button technology the OTTO grinder is the easiest electric grinder that is also a rolling machine (I’m trying to get “grindoller” to catch on, but no one likes it). Just load your herb, snap the top closed, click the button and bang: your cone is filled with perfectly milled herb in about 12 seconds.

For those “rolled goods” connoisseurs, take a cool 20% off of any of the blunt bubblers (or rigs) that MJ Arsenal has to offer. Petite yet powerful any of these blunt bubblers filters your joint or blunt stylishly and without the possibility of splashback. Also available is the MJ Arsenal Hydra Mini Rig, which might be the cutest dab rig we’ve ever seen, which is extremely portable and its small size concentrates your vapor for powerful rips without taking up too much table space.


Concentrate users who are still loyal to the rig, but maybe want to ditch their torch, can get a discounted Hyer Big-E Rig. Hyer has developed a rig that turns any dab setup into a torchless one, setup through a ceramic heating element that fits about 90% of flat-base glass rigs (comically large ones aside) and allows you to transport the rig from the BBQ pit to poolside no problem. With a temperature range of 320°F to a staggering 825°F, you’ll be able to please the low-temp dabbers at your party as well as the cloud chasing high-temp dab aficionados. The included quartz glass nails and all-ceramic heating element deliver smooth, flavor-rich rips while turning your rig into the most popular guest of your party.

If your celebration is more of a vape centric affair, use your discount to take 20% off of the tastefully stylish KandyPens Rubi, which can handle e-juice as well all while being contained in an eye catching design. There is also the adorable and compact Honey Stick Elf, which thanks to its magnetic connection for its cartridge is one of the more “hassle free” vape pens out today. Those looking for a little more heft and technology can opt to snag a temp-specialized AirVape X. With a combo conduction-convection heating system, and a precision temp range from 200°F-420°F, the AirVape X is an elegant and mighty portable dry herb vape.


This month we’ve also added some new portable aromatherapy pens from MONQ. These pens don’t have any psychoactive properties, but are designed to replenish the terpenes (naturally occurring hydrocarbons from plants and animals) that humans lose out on due to living in urban environments or working in a stuffy office. All 11 flavors from MONQ have three unique essential oils in a breath-activated pen style diffuser that creates aromatic vapor as soon as you start taking a sip from the unit. Relatives being annoying at the cookout? Take a couple MONQ-hales of Zen and center yourself before you throw an undercooked burger at your loud uncle.


So there it is folks, a sale to remember for this Memorial Day. Celebrate in style and kick your BBQ up a notch by taking 20% off the whole site. Dab tools, portable vape pens, heck you could even stock up on 3,000 batteries if you wanted to, whatever you need this weekend is a great time to get it. Happy Memorial Day!


Charles Mockler
VaporNation Content Writer

Charles Mockler is a vaporizer critic and writer at The VaporNation Blog, a leading source for expert opinions and information about vaporizers. His blogs are read by tens of thousands of people each month. He specializes in the latest technology trends including induction heating and decarboxylation.

Charles' goal is to provide readers with reliable, helpful, and balanced opinions on vaping. He does not recommend vaping to those who don't already smoke, but his articles do offer advice for existing vape enthusiasts including reviews and how-tos about the latest vaporizers. Charles has reviewed and tested a myriad of vaporizers and recommends people do as much research as possible before buying any vaporizer.

Charles was introduced to vaping after moving to Los Angeles during the vaporizer boom. A fan of "true vaporization," he prefers convection vapes with ceramic ovens. His articles include What is an Induction Vaporizer?, How to Decarb Dry Herb, and 8 Best Electric Dab Rigs of 2018.

A graduate of the University of Montana, Charles now resides in the Greater Los Angeles area where he reviews vaporizers and hosts a podcast about the Los Angeles Clippers.

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