MFLB is Soaring to New Heights

It's been a long time since any one vape has made this much noise in the vaporizer scene.  The Magic Flight Launch Box has really taken flight and is soaring high about the competition.  Sales are booming and customers are raving about it's versatility.  We agree.  Being sides being one of the smallest vaporizers produced it is also one of the most versatile.  Magic Flight has created a number of amazing accessories to fit every vaporizer need.  Here are two of my favorite accessories you can purchase from Vapor Nation for your MFLB:

Magic Flight Concentrate Tray:

This thing is a must have if you love oils and waxes.  We all know the MFLB is great for herbs, but did you know you know can use it with your concentrates?  Most people don't, but that's what we are here for, to inform. This lovely little accessory retails for $17.99 at Vapor Nation.  Click to learn more about the MFLB concentrate tray. 


Magic Flight Water Filtration Whip:

This thing is new, and its amazing.  I would have never dreamed that when I purchased my MFLB I would be using it with my water pipe.  I was so excited to get this product I purchased before I even finished watching the video.  Its idiot proof and takes seconds to set-up.  It comes with a nice wooden connector in three different types of wood, Cherry, Natural or Walnut.  Check out the video below for a better understanding of how it works. 
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