miVape Review by The Dab Spot

Our friend Danielle over at The Dab Spot recently reviewed one of our favorite portable vaporizers released this past year, the miVape by Vaporfection. 
As you'll see from the video, there's a lot to love about the miVape. Designed to heat herbs using true convection vaporizer technology, the miVape employs a state-of-the-art quartz crystal vapor path to ensure the cleanest, purest possible vapor. By combining these quartz crystal components with a uniquely designed mouthpiece assembly (which effectively suspends your herb in the chamber) - the miVape is the closest any portable unit has come to operating solely on the principles of convection heating.
The miVape is completely self-contained, and features a built in all-glass mouthpiece that swivels into the unit's upper housing when not in use. This allows you to bring the miVape with you anywhere for on-the-go sessions without having to worry about breaking the glass mouthpiece during transit. And because the miVape's mouthpiece is constructed from inert quartz crystal (instead of plastic or silicone like many others which can compromise taste and flavor), you'll only be tasting pure, unadulterated vapor.
While many portable vaporizers are powered by integrated batteries, the miVape utilizes a removable Lithium-ion battery - which allows you to keep backup batteries charged and ready to go at a moments notice for impromptu vape sessions, as well as allowing you to easily replace it if issues arise down the road. Other portables that use integrated batteries require the entire unit to be replaced if you encounter an issue with the battery. By employing a removable battery, Vaporfection ensures less headaches with warranty claims over time.
If you're truly interested in the health benefits that vaporizing offers, and value true convection heating - then you'll certainly want to consider the miVape as an option when purchasing your next portable vaporizer.
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