Natural Goods Forced Air Vaporizer

The Natural Goods vaporizer is available in both a digital and standard model, offering consumers an interesting blend of forced air and whip style.  It was created with a passive air system that employs a fan to assist in the vaporizing process; this device takes the whip variation and puts a spin on it.  Also included in the design is a chemically inert ceramic heating element and with a vaporizer that can reach optimal temperature in less than five minutes, users receive a truly flavorful experience every time.  Nobody wants to worry about getting burned by their vaporizer and Natural Goods understands that, incorporating the first of its kind extra thick dual wall 22mm ground glass whip and medical grade tubing.  It won’t get excessively hot after extended use and that’s a genuinely intelligent move on their part, considering that consumers can enjoy continuous vapor and a whip cool to the touch.

Unlike some variations of the whip style, Natural Goods Inc appears to have done rather well with the “hands free” design allowing users to pass the whip with no concerns of it coming detached from the unit.  Which is great when in a group as no one should have to hold the whip in place throughout the session, everyone just gets to sit back and enjoy the vapor.  The ground glass fits snugly into the ceramic heating element, yet when the herb is done all it takes is a slight rotation and the whip pops free.  Available since 2006, the Natural Goods vaporizer has been a strong contender on the market by utilizing the forced air style with a whip format, sending the vapor directly into the user’s lungs and not a bag.  Simply set the rotary style dial to the temperature of your choice, hook up the whip, and let the gentle fan of vapor blow you away.
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