New Snoop Photo with the Vapir Rise

Wake and Vape with Snoop and the Vapir Rise.

Here is another photograph featuring Snoop holding the Vapir Rise Vaporizer.  We love this vaporizer and know you will too.  The Vapir Rise vaporizer is the first desktop vape to feature a multi-user adapter allowing up to four people to vaporize at the same time.  It also comes with a single whip attachment and balloon bag system making it the most versatile vaporizer available on the market today.

The Vapir Rise vaporizer retails for $249.99 at Vapor Nation who are also currently offering a "Fall Savings" discount of %10 Off.  If you have any questions about the Vapir Rise vaporizer feel free to post them in the comments section below.  Read what this satisfied customer had to say about the Rise after recently purchasing one.

"This vaporizer does exactly what its supposed to do, plain and simple. It shipped fast and was packaged nicely in both boxes, very sharp looking over all comes with a nice storage box for all the accessories. The LED lights and touch pad are also very aesthetically pleasing. I was very surprised with how fast it heated up to temperature, it also has a nice feature where it shows the set temperature and the actual temperature, allowing you to adjust to your optimal vaping temp accordingly. They also sent me an extra hose by accident so i got to make use of the multi user adapter =). This is definitely the most versatile vaporizer on the market, from the one of a kind multi user adapter, being able to vap waxes and oils, hoses or bags for under 225 with the coupon code is amazing! Like i said over all great product, read the description and it will do exactly that, i don't need to repeat it here." - Jeremys
VaporNation Content Writer

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