New Vape Pens from Atmos Have Arrived!

What's up vape heads? Just wanted to drop in and let you know about a couple of brand new vaporizer pens from the industry leaders over at Atmos Technologies. We're really excited to unveil the Atmos Ole Ultra and the Atmos Dart Vaporizers. Both of these vape pens are compatible with all sorts of dry herb and waxy oil materials and they are available now at VaporNation.

Here's a little more info on the Atmos Ole Ultra Vaporizer:

The Ole Ultra Vaporizer features 510 threading, a slim, compact design and a lanyard so it can be carried dangling around the user's neck like a typical e-cigarette. The internal components include a stainless steel heating coil and wickless insulated cartomizer, which makes this vape ideal for dry buds, though it is certainly compatible with both types of vape-able materials. I would caution you with this: if you plan to use waxy oils in there, plan on getting a replacement cartomizer as the viscosity of the oils will wear down the life of the heating element. Dry herbs are recommended here, but it will make a fine oil/wax vape if you're in a pinch. Just don't plan on using that coil for much longer after your wax session.

Note: Atmos Ole Ultra available in Silver exterior only.

Learn a little bit more about the Atmos Dart Vaporizer:

As you can see in the picture below, the Atmos Dart vaporizer s available in a variety of stylish exteriors (from left to right): Silver, Midnight Chrome, Black, and White.

The Dart is a little bit of a different vape than the Ole Ultra. Unlike the single-chamber in the Ole, the Dart comes with an herb chamber and a liquid chamber so you can keep your waxes and dry herb completely separate. I've found that the Dart works a lot better than the classic AtmosRx with dry blends, though if you pack it too tightly, you will probably vape unevenly and may run the risk of combustion. However if you pack the "Dart-o-mizer" (yes I just made that up) loosely about two-thirds of the way full, you'll be good to vaporize evenly and stirring the herbs regularly will make sure that you vape out all of the essential ingredients and nothing is going to waste.

If you want to get the most out of the liquid clearomizer (pictured at left), you'll probably want to use a little bit of solvent to melt down your crumbly honeycomb wax or concentrate; this way you can fit more inside the chamber and won't need to worry about shoving a hard piece of wax down in the chamber.

I enjoy both of these vapes for their style, stealth, quickly rechargeable batteries. Each one includes a USB charger for easy power on-the-go and the 510 Threading means that these batteries are compatible with other tanks, also called "mods" so you can take these to your local vape lounge or dispensary to vape e-juices, oils, wax, concentrate, whatever you want.

Do you have questions or comments about the Atmos Ole Ultra or Atmos Dart Vaporizers? Please let me know in the Comments. Thanks for reading!