July Vape Spotlight: What's New at VaporNation?

New Vaporizer Spotlight July 2017

New vaporizers are like brand new days. They can be better than what came before. And they can teach you new ways of enjoying life. Here are a few new vapes that will remind you why you love vaping.

AirVape Xs Special Edition

AirVape Xs Special Edition

(Learn More About AirVape Xs Special Edition)

AirVape Xs Special Edition is the gangsterist portable vape in the industry. This new vaporizer is compact, powerful, and oh so pretty! Beneath the slick black matte exterior with 24K gold lining (cha ching) is a hybrid conduction and convection heating system that heats fast without combustion. AirVape Xs Special Edition delivers smooth, flavorful hits in a matter of seconds, perfect for on-the-fly consumption.

Included with the AirVape Xs Special Edition is an essential kit for vaping on-the-go. The AirVape power bank is a super thin and lightweight external power source for remote charging. The Xs Shell is a durable plastic case that conceals odor and keeps out dirt and water while enabling you to control the AirVape Xs Special Edition while it’s encased. Both of these gizmos ensure a stealthy and convenient outing with your AirVape Xs Special Edition.

(AirVape Xs Special Edition hides in the odor- and water-proof Xs Shell.)

Overall, the Special Edition AirVape Xs looks good and vapes even better. The compact design is ideal for stealthy vaping sessions, the vapor production is top notch, and the 24K gold styling is as baller as it gets.

Source 10cig Wax Vaporizer 

Source 10cig vaporizer

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Source 10cig is the best wax pen under $10. It’s actually surprisingly good for such a cheap vape. It features a titanium atomizer with quartz crystal for super flavorful hits. It’s incredibly easy to load and use, and it’s one of the most compact and discreet vapes on the market.

Like other vapes from Source, the 10cig vaporizer boasts an advanced atomizer. The quartz rod chamber heats wax slow and low, extracting the essential flavors and aromas of waxy oils without making smoke. The vapor is comfortable for such an affordable vape. And the atomizers are way more durable and long-lasting than the average atomizer. The titanium build has longevity and is easy to clean.

(Source 10cig is super compact and easy to conceal.)

This new vaporizer from Source Vapes is ideal for wax enthusiasts looking for the highest quality vapor on a budget.

R2 Rig Edition Wax Pen

ThisThingRips R2 Rig Vape

(Buy the R2 Rig Here)

R2 Rig Edition is a muscular vape pen from #ThisThingRips that generates big dabs on-the-go. The high grade titanium coils wrapped around its ceramic atomizer are extra thick, making for lung-busting vapor production. And the inert ceramic does a good job of maintaining smoothness and taste. Just a dab of wax and this baby delivers.

R2 Rig Edition features a built-in wax jar with a non-stick interior so you can carry with you your waxy oils. No need for carrying extra paraphernalia on you.  

This pen style vaporizer performs similarly to an enail, but with a more compact design so you can take dabs on your feet. The transparent chamber, connected via convenient rubber grommets instead of threading, lets you watch the clouds as they gather above the dual ceramic rod atomizer. Adjustable airflow lets you customize each rip to your liking.

Unlike most vape pens, the R2 Rig Edition vaporizer remembers the last temperature you were on, so you don’t have to toggle to your preferred heat every time you start a vape session. And the battery features pass-through charging so you can actually vape while it’s plugged in.

R2 Rig Edition is a new vaporizer worth all the attention it’s getting. We’ve never seen a wax pen this compact and powerful at the same time.

Arizer Solo 2

Arizer Solo 2

(Find the Arizer Solo II Here) 

Arizer kept a design similar to the original Arizer Solo for their new vaporizer. It’s solid and sleek. But this time around the device boasts better battery life, better airflow, and a rapid heat up time that’s three times as fast. The hallmark of this new vape is its excellent vapor production, which is based upon a convection heating system and all-glass vapor path. The vapor that draws up through the glass stem is intensely flavorful and clean-tasting.

Arizer made a point to empower their new vape with a much stronger battery. Arizer Solo 2 gives you 3 hours of continuous vaping, with around twenty ten-minute sessions per full charge. The heat up time is now 30 seconds rather than the original 1:30. And you can choose to the degree any temperature between 122F and 428F.

(Arizer Solo 2 features an all-glass vapor path ending in a borosilicate glass draw stem.)

Overall, this new vaporizer is the ideal vape for dry herb enthusiasts who want the vapor quality of a desktop rig in a compact and portable unit. The convection heating system air-vaporizes dry herb to create pure vapor, which is delivered through a glass draw stem that preserves the essential flavors and aromas.

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