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New Vaporizer Spotlight

As we constantly update the vastness of our inventory, we realize it can be a little overwhelming to find new products that might peak your interest. Worry not dear searchers,  in this new monthly segment, we will be detailing new and exciting things coming into VaporNation, to keep you abreast of all the latest and greatest vaporizer technology. With new products this month from Grenco Science, Magic Flight, and #ThisThingRips, you’re sure to find whatever you’re searching for.

If you’re searching for….The Swiss Army Knife of Vapes  

G Slim Pizzanista Edition

Small size? Check. Ability to vape any material you can throw at it? Check. Can it scale a fish? Nah, but we don’t really eff with them anyway. If you get hungry, just order pizza.

The G Slim Pizzanista combines all best of the G Slim line, the G slim herbal, the G Slim hookah (for e-juice) and the G Slim wax into one complete vape pen. The skateboarding pizza-enthusiasts at Pizzanista gave the unit a red finish and packaged it with a bunch of goodies you won’t want to miss out on. With three tanks, cool styling and a host of accessories, this is the vape pen every former Boy Scout will want to keep in their pocket.

If you’re searching for…A Scary Good E-Nail

JaK D’Rippa by Magic Flight 

What comes with a whip and delivers killer rips? The new JaK D’Rippa from Magic Flight. From the makers of the Magic Flight Launch Box and the Maud Dib vaporizer comes an e-nail that lives up to its savage moniker.

While the JaK D’Rippa E-nail comes with everything you need to do the dab, the unit can also be easily expanded. With simple adapters, the unit can be attached to any water pipe in your current collection. Likewise, you can pick up the Orbiter from magic flight for a touch of mad scientist water cooling. The JaK D’Rippa from Magic Flight is an e-nail that is not to be taken lightly!

If you’re searching for…A New Best Friend 

R2 Slim by #ThisThingRips

Feeling alone? Depressed? Convinced no one likes you? Don’t call a hotline! Reach in your pocket for the new R2 Slim vape pen from #ThisThingRips and you’ll always have a friend!

The r2 Slim takes all the cloud-blowing technology of the original R2 and sizes it down for portable performance. Wrapped in the small package is a ceramic rod atomizer for clouds more fulfilling than friendships, and a powerful battery to always be by your size. The discrete form factor ensures that your friend can go with you anywhere. It’s good to have friends, pick up yours today!

If you’re searching for…Something to Blow Your Mind

OG Four 2.0 RiG Edition

Just when you think you’ve seen and done it all, something comes along and makes you go “Whoa!” Strap on your discovery goggles and prepare to have your mind blown, the OG Four 2.0 RiG edition from #ThisThingRips will change everything.

The crew over at #ThisThingRips set out to put dab rig performance in your pocket with their new line of RiG edition vaporizers. Accomplishment achieved, and then some. These comes in two flavors, the R2 featuring a ceramic atomizer, and the OG Four 2.0 which features a dual rod quartz atomizer. The chrome finish and clear vapor chamber make for a vape pen that looks as good as it performs. When you’re ready to see things a little differently, pick up the new RiG edition vape pens from #ThisThingRips.

As we continue distribute new products that we feel are worth your while, check back frequently so you can be in the loop about all the newest additions. Keep searching till you find what you’re looking for. Vape on.

William Updyke
VaporNation Content Writer

William Updyke is a writer and creator at The VaporNation Blog, an online publication providing the latest news, advice, and opinions on the vaporizer industry. His articles are enjoyed by a monthly readership of over 60,000, while his instructional videos on Vaporizer Education: The Official VaporNation Channel have been watched over 120,000 times.

While he didn't attend vape college, per se, William does know a good vaporizer when he sees it. A vape enthusiast for the past four years, he has a deep understanding of the heating styles, materials, build quality, and functionality that separate decent vaporizers from great ones. You can read his reviews and how-tos for helpful and trustworthy information about the latest devices, trends, and practices in vaping.

William graduated from the University of Montana before moving to Los Angeles, where he writes weekly blogs about vaping and hosts a Clippers podcast. You can read his articles on Leafly, Inked, and more.

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