New Year's Vaporlutions

New Year's Vaporlutions

Welp, it’s that time again, that sobering moment when the effervescing glow of the new year fades and you awaken in your apartment, surrounded by pizza boxes, wearing only cheeto dust. If you’re anything like us, you’ve already broken your new year’s resolution, like a billion times. Sound familiar? Don’t fret, you still have plenty of time to create that new you, three hundred and fifty-six days to be exact. While we don’t think you need to change at all, seriously you’re effing great, here’s how a new vape could help you achieve your resolution.

Lose Weight/Fitness

The most common resolution and ironically enough, the most commonly broken resolutions all revolve around losing weight or other personal fitness goals. If you’ve already fallen off, we may have something to keep you focused: the Airvape XS. FitBit users will find the lcd screen similar to the bright, easy-to-read screen on the popular fitness watch, and the thinness of this vape will allow it to fit in your armband, with your phone. How will this help? The use of energizing dry herbs or even waxy oils or concentrates has been reported to help athletes, aficionados, and beginning exercisers keep their minds “in the zone.” With the advent of new concentrates which promote relaxation and reduce inflammation, the Airvape XS vaporizer will be a perfect companion for your pre-, post-, or mid-workout routine.

Save Money

After the reckless spending of the holiday season, saving money is a an understandable and achievable goal. The key to saving money is making every dollar you spend stretch a little further. Most consumers will find small changes in their lifestyle such as eating at home vs going to restaurants, or cutting their own hair (tried it, don’t recommend it---but save dat $$$) to have a massive effect on their bottom line. If you’re a consumer of dry herbs, the switch to a vaporizer might make it easier to save money as all of your green will go a little further. The Exxus Mini vaporizer is a great candidate for saving money. Its generous bowl size combined with precise temperature control will help the user to extract the essentials from their dry herb blends, while wasting nothing. A capable vaporizer at $125, the Exxus Mini will rapidly pay for itself with the money you’ll save not burning through your dry herb.

Adventure More/Travel

A new year always gets us salivating to visit new places, while also inciting the unquenchable compulsion to use all our vacation days in the first month of the year. (Hold on, just wait a few more days). Whether you travel with a companion or prefer to roll solo, use the buddy system, take the Vapium Summit Plus with you on all of your adventures and travels. This portable vaporizer is a perfect buddy because its tough outer shell will stay protected and splash-proof, while its interior features high tech vaporization and bluetooth integration to bring your dry herbs anywhere you can dream. While the Vapium Summit Plus can’t make you take adventures, it will sure make the experience all the more pleasant (even if you don’t get further than that Thai place with a questionable health inspector rating).

Reduce Stress

 The link between anxiety and health problems is pretty scary. In fact, anxiety is linked to the 6 major causes of premature death. Meaning, this is not a drill folks. It’s time for everybody to reduce stress. What better way to do that than to chill out with your favorite herbal blend? When you need to take your relaxation to a serious level, you can lean on the Boundless CFX vaporizer to take the edge off. Life can be overwhelming, with the breakneck speed of modern living, it’s important to take some time to yourself. The soothing HD screen of the Boundless CFX vaporizer incorporates a dash design similar to a luxury vehicle, showing you all essential functions in one place. The isolated vapor path ensures that your relaxation is delivered free of any unwanted impurities. Available for a meager $179.99, the Boundless CFX is certain to calm your nerves without giving your wallet anxiety.

Hopefully these ideas have helped convince you that no matter where you are in your goals, it’s never too late to get back on track. If you still can’t get back on board with your resolution quite yet, say “screw it,” the year doesn’t really start until your birthday anyways. Here for you in all your vapor endeavors, this is VaporNation, out!

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