October Vape Giveaway: SkyCloud Vaporizer by KandyPens

Hey everyone! Hope you're having an awesome October so far. Get ready 'cause for one lucky reader, it's going to be even awesomer!  We're following up our Dr. Dabber giveaway with another contest so one of you can win one of our most popular vaporizer pens: the SkyCloud Vaporizer by KandyPens.

We have partnered with our friends over at KandyPens to give away a brand new turquoise Limited Edition SkyCloud Vaporizer. The SkyCloud is a multi-function pen vaporizer that resembles a lipstick or mascara container with a sturdy titanium atomizer inside and a cool turquoise finish on the casing with a gold trim. Unlike many pen vapes that claim to be compatible with all three types of vape-able material, the SkyCloud by KandyPens is truly compatible with herbs, waxes and e-juices.

Learn more about the SkyCloud Vaporizer after the jump!

KandyPens makes a stealthy and fast-acting vape that makes it easy to vaporize quickly and conveniently no matter where your travels may take you. Pictured at left is the dry herb atomizer for the SkyCloud Vaporizer.

When vaping dry blends with this attachment, I find it's best used as a solo instrument, because you're really only going to get 3-5 great draws per fill; thus making it not ideal for group sessions. The herb atomizer taps out very easily and if you want to clean it more thoroughly, just get a little cleaning brush and maybe a toothpick to completely purify the heating chamber between sessions.

This is the e-juice clearomizer for the SkyCloud. Unlike many leading vape pens, KandyPens offers users the option of vaporizing flavored e-liquid, also called "e-juice," in this chamber. Simply pop off the plastic mouthpiece and drip juice down the sides of the chamber itself, not the middle post. The chamber should only be filled up halfway at most; this way you're not in danger of leaking liquid into your pocket or purse.

I am a big fan of this attachment because it can be used as a cigarette replacement for smokers. Unlike traditional tobacco, the e-juice used in these vapes is made from vegetable glycerin and nicotine. Juices are made in an array of different flavors such as Coffee, Bubble Gum, and Watermelon. If you want to get started vaping right away, you can get your e-juices right here at VaporNation. We carry Lush, Atmos, and VaporX brands, with more delightful flavor options on the way!

Finally, this is the wax atomizer for the SkyCloud. As you can see it's a fiber wick with a tightly wound titanium coil, which heats up to vaporize your waxes or essential oils. No wax atomizer is indestructible, but this one should last you a good five months before needing to be replaced. All in all, the SkyCloud by KandyPens is a superlative portable vaporizer that satisfies on several fronts. It also comes with an easy micro USB charger for home or car adapter charging and a LIFETIME WARRANTY, which is pretty much unheard of in the pen vape universe.

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