The Volcano is the Real Deal

Hey, its Kylie, if you have live chatted with customer service you have probably talked to me, Hi!  So I have worked here for a while now but somehow never managed to vape with the volcano vaporizer.  I knew it was expensive but did not think it was really worth all the extra money.  Man was I wrong, it works sooo well, easily one of the best vaporizers I have ever used.  The best part was my friend had owned and been using his daily for almost 2 years and it still vapes like it is brand new.  He covered it in stickers though, personally I like the stainless steel look better.

Using the volcano vaporizer was a pretty straight forward operation.  We filled up the herbal chamber with some of that sweet leaf and let the balloon bag inflate till it was standing straight up in the air.  After that we passed the bag around for about ten minutes, then the fun began.  We "brainstormed" for about two hours on the amazing pizza we were about to cook, realized how late is was and had to call dominos instead, Whole Foods had already closed.  One more balloon bag and 30 minutes later we were finally ready to eat some pizza, Yum!.  Anyways, long story short, if you are on the fence about spending the extra cash to spring for the volcano vaporizer you should do it.  It might not be the cheapest vaporizer out there but it just might be the best vaporizer ever made.  Thanks for reading, XoXo Kylie.