First Look at the Pax 3 Vaporizer

Introducing the Pax 3

The benchmark PAX 2 vaporizer has been called “the Rolls-Royce of vaporizers.” Backed with $46.7 million in funding, PAX Labs is launching an even more versatile portable vaporizer, alongside what they claim to be the first ever temperature-controlled wax pen, and a smartphone app to control them both. 

More Power, More Versatility


The PAX 3 portable vaporizer shares a similar shape and size as its predecessor, but now shines with an aluminum exterior in place of the brushed matte finish. Besides that aesthetic detail, most of the improvements over the PAX 2, already thought by some to be the best vaporizer on the market, are internal. PAX 3 will feature a more powerful heating system, as well as more customization features for fine-tuning vape sessions and seamlessly switching between wax concentrates or dry herb.

The unit heats up in just 15 seconds--with subsequent heat ups occurring almost instantly--and boasts a stronger battery for two times the heating power of the PAX 2.

Users can switch from loose leaf vaping to wax concentrates in seconds with a nifty concentrate insert, and an intelligent heating system vaporizes only when the unit is drawn on, conserving your dry herb or oil concentrates between vape sessions.

A haptic notification system vibrates when vaping temperature has been reached. That way you can keep the unit in your pocket or hand for discreet vaping without checking the indicator LED light every couple seconds.

Controlling the device is simple with a single button interface and four-leaf LED light. But switching between several control settings is a little more interesting, with users rolling the device in their palm to change settings. Three rolls, for example, switches over to “Party Mode,” in which the temperature stays low to ensure your herb or wax concentrates aren’t burned off while passing the unit around.

Simply put, with the PAX 3 you can expect the same quality of the PAX 2 and more.

Introducing the PAX Era

Introducing the Pax 3The new PAX Era vape pen has been years in the making, and the cutting edge functionality shows.

PAX Labs' first wax pen has a sleek and discreet design that makes it easy to vape anywhere, anytime. For such a compact vaporizer pen, the PAX Era produces top tier vapor. PAX Labs claims the unit’s dual wick feature delivers “extreme vapor density" on par with what you'd expect from tabletop vaporizers. 

The PAX Era dispenses with threaded cartridges, exclusively using PAX Labs’ own oil cartridges, known as Era Pods, which can be switched out in seconds. So far, Era Pods will be distributed by Bloom Farms in California and The Clinic in Colorado, but distribution is likely to widen after release.

The Era’s wide temperature range and precision temperature control are nothing new for vaporizer pens, but the unit does come with rare features like a Puff Counter for tracking your vape sessions using the LED display, and the ability to control your vaping experience by smartphone. This brings us to PAX Labs' new app.

Vape App

Introducing the Pax 3PAX Lab's latest portable vaporizer and vape pen can both be controlled via Bluetooth using the PAX Vapor app for iOS and Android. From the convenience of their phones, users can pinpoint a thermal sweetspot for their vaporization using Precise Temperature Control. They can also lock their device, toggle LED light settings, and download firmware updates.


Overall, the PAX 3 is an upgrade to an already excellent portable vaporizer, with the same high quality vapor production and sleek design, but much faster heat up time and more power. Its sister unit, the PAX Era, is the latest of a new generation of advanced vape pens that place desktop vaporizer quality in the palm of your hand. 

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