Persei Oil Vaporizer is a Perfect Pen Vape

Concentrates such as oils and waxes are my favorite substances for vaporizing. They provide excellent release of active ingredients and don’t take up much space, making it easy to transport. When using blends, portability can be a problem as they take up a lot of volume and can be cumbersome when loading into a vaporizer. With the increased supply of vapourizers and manufacturers, there are tons of varieties each with different substance compatibility. Many vapes are compatible with all types to increase functionality but if you want increased performance you should probably focus on just one particular substance. With these things in mind, I have been on the hunt for a solid vaporizer that is mainly for concentrates. After browsing for a while I came upon the Persei Vaporizer. The Persei is a portable oil vaporizer built for concentrates which also uses a battery powered system.

Upon first using the Persei, I was amazed at its performance. The battery powered system works very nicely as it is rechargeable and super convenient.  The unit feels sturdy and durable yet light with a sleek finish that fits comfortably in your hand.  For loading, the filling cartridges work the most efficiently I have ever found for a vape and this was key as it was the main attribute I was looking for. A cool extra was is that it features a dual cartridge system for separate loading. Overall, I got a huge rips from the Persei just using the single cartridge setup. When I load my concentrates, they feel secure and robust inside the cartridge and heat up quickly. A lot other portable vapes I have used lacked a good chamber for concentrates as they felt better suited for blends. It's important to keep the Persei cleaned regularly or oil residue can get in the way of the heat flow. With the Persei regularly maintained, I have achieved the best results I have ever gotten from a vaporizer to date. 
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