Pinnacle Vaporizer

The Pinnacle Vaporizer represents a tremendous leap forward in vaporizer technology. It is an affordable portable vaporizer that features an herb chamber which fits snugly inside the metallic heating element and is removable for easy loading of herbs or essential oils. Also there is a one-touch button activation which makes for lightning fast heating time. Some handheld vaporizers take up to five minutes to generate the requisite heat. But people like me don’t like waiting to vaporize and the Pinnacle allows the user to enjoy vaporizing full clouds in a manner of seconds. No waiting around.  The Pinnacle will produce large clouds of vaporizer with ease and efficiency.

The Pinnacle allows the user to choose the temperature at which the herbs are vaporized. There is a low temperature setting (375°) denoted by a flashing white light and a high temperature setting (390°) indicated by a flashing orange light. While charging, the Pinnacle Vaporizer will display a blue light which flashes while charging; a solid blue light means that the unit is fully charged and ready for use. The process for charging from empty to full took about three hours, which is a little long but not really a big deal, because you can still use the Pinnacle while it is charging! A fully charged Pinnacle will yield over two hours of vaporizer pleasure. 

As if those advancements weren’t intrepid enough, VaporBlunt gives the Pinnacle user the ability to flavor your vapor with interchangeable mouthpieces. Mint, Orange, Raspberry, Lemon, and Bubblegum are selections available to make your vaporizing experience much more pleasant.  All in all, the Pinnacle handheld vaporizer is dream to use, easy to clean, and very discreet for travel needs.
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