Portable Vaporizers are the Wave of the Future

Vaporizers are my aromatherapy delivery device of choice. They are extremely effective at activating the key ingredients in my blends and producing massive clouds of vapor. Whenever I need to medicate at home, I always have my forced-air vape ready to go. But this can only work if it's plugged into the wall and it’s fairly big, so it’s not the easiest thing to transport. It also takes quite a while to heat up. The thorough heating and vaporization process definitely make up for the relatively longer heat up time. Being stationary and using a detachable bag that fills up with a large amount of vapor, it’s great for when I have friends over or when anyone wants to share. While having this desktop vaporizer disposable at home, I have always wanted something more portable and easy to take with me in public. I will always cherish my big vape but have recently found the need for a portable vaporizer. When I am on the road or hanging out with friends, I hate having to go back to combustion. I decided it's time to have vapor technology with me at all times.

Vaporizers have been around for a while now, but the increasing popularity of aromatherapy blends made me want to have something handheld and capable of delivering results on the go. Handheld vaporizers have this ability as well as having similar or even better functionality then standard desktop vapes. There are various types of these devices that feature digital capabilities, temperature control systems, and advanced vaporization technology that are common with bigger units. Pen-style vaporizers are portable vapes for people who want to vape anywhere but also want to remain discreet in public. A lot of the portable types are designed with subtle aspects and with features geared toward maintaining discretion. For being so small they still have great functionality. Pen vapes heat up fairly quickly compared to bigger vapes, and are incredibly simple to use. These personal vaporizers are great for the individual who wants a go-to vape for out and about.

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