Vapir NO2 Portable Vaporizer knows how to Deliver!

Portable vaporizers have become all the rage in recent years.  The ability to be able to vape on the go, and not need to be tethered to the wall by a power cord is a highly sought after feature in the vaporizer world.  And Vapir has introduced one of the best portable vaporizers that you can find on the market today.  The Vapir NO2 is very easy to use with its Digital Temperature Controller and an Internal Lithium-Ion Battery that is rechargeable which allows the user to enjoy a cordless Vaporizing experience anywhere they please.  The temperature controls are located right under the LCD display next to the power button making it easy enough to use even for first time vaporizer users.  Another nice addition to the temperature controls is the Set Temperature Memory technology.  This way every time you turn it on, it will automatically be set to the same temperature that was used during the last session.

Another selling point is how quick the unit heats up.  In the time it takes you to boil a pot of water, your N02 will be up and ready to go.  It also utilizes an automatic shut off safety setting where after 20 minutes of not being used, it will shut off.  This new heating element will also give the user a much more efficient, full vapor smoke once the temperature has reached its optimal level.  All of this and at a very affordable price makes this unit a great investment.  From the novice user, all the way up to the seasoned user, the Vapir N02 is highly recommended for anyone who wants to have an all around great vaporizing experience.