October Vape Spotlight : What's New At VaporNation


It’s that time of the month again…Time for VaporNation to bestow a blessing of new products all over the place. Check out what’s new this October at VaporNation.


KandyPens Feather

With the current trend in e-juice vapes being “bigger is better,” most users are strapped with a powerful machine, albeit one that won’t fit in any pocket. The beauty of the KandyPens Feather is the way it strips away all that bulk, offering instead a wonderfully refreshing take on e-liquid vaporization. Check out our review of the KandyPens Feather here.

The KandyPens Feather features no buttons, instead relying on an auto-draw system that responds to the user. The Feather features four LED’s which indicate battery life and a 2ML tank to keep you vaping all day. The KandyPens Feather is also the first vape designed to be used with Nic Salts, though it can also be used with most e-juices. Take flight, with the KandyPens Feather.


Yocan Evolve Plus XL


If you’re not up on Yocan yet, you must be comatose. The gang at Yocan has been evolving their line of wax pens for some time, the newest iteration taking the form of the Yocan Evolve Plus XL. Though slightly wider than most vape pens, the Evolve plus XL packs beastly power in the palm of your hand.


Featuring the first quad coil atomizer available in a vape pen, the Evolve Plus XL is certain to test your limits. The 1400mah battery provides powerful energy to the atomizer for high-heat hits. The integrated wax jar makes the Yocan Evolve Plus Xl an extremely versatile all-in-one. At 60 bucks, it’s a no brainer. Use your noggin and pick up a Yocan Evolve Plus XL.


Snoop Dogg Pounds Line of Bongs


Famous Brandz and Snoop Dogg, have combined to release a highly original set of bongs dubbed the Pounds line. These bongs feature remarkably thick bases for extra stability, combined with super high-quality borosilicate glass construction.

Snoop Dogg’s Pounds line features bongs and water pipes designed for both herbs and wax. They also use standardized female joints, so switching between the two is a breeze. The Pounds line exemplifies the current generation of high-tech glass that is nothing short of masterful. The pieces are truly unique in form, offering up a smoking experience that is unlike any other. Like the late Nate Dogg said, “Hey ay-yay-ay….Smoke Pounds every day.” Or, something like that.


Flowermate V.50s Mini Pro Vaporizer

Looking to vape dry herb, mate? The Flowermate v5.0s Mini Pro Vaporizer is an absolute powerhouse with a host of functions not seen on any other vaporizer. Featuring a mod-like form factor and controls, the V.50s Mini Pro delivers clouds with all the bells and whistles currently available in the dry herb vaporizer market.


The utilitarian design and features of the Flowermate V.50s Mini Pro Vaporizer will make it a vape you’ll want to keep in your pocket at all times. Firstly, it has the most portable integration of a glass mouthpiece in any vaporizer for dry herb. The glass mouthpiece can be removed and stored inside the unit itself, to keep it safe and keep its footprint small. Another exciting feature is the ability of the V5.0s to be used as a charger for any phone. Simply plug in your charging cable to the v.50s Mini Pro Vaporizer to power up. Recharge your phone battery while you recharge your mind with the Flowermate V5.0s Mini Pro Vaporizer.


AirVape XS Bubbler Attachment

With bongs and water pipes being a popular means of dry herb consumption, many users want to adapt their vaporizer to use in conjunction with their favorite glass. The Airvape water kit does just that, allowing the user to adapt their Airvape XS vaporizer to female joints ranging from 12m-18mm. In practice the adapter fits into the unit snuggly and felt very stable on the bong when tested.


This kit doesn’t stop at an adapter however; the AirvapXS Bubbler Attachment includes its own water-filtration device which will fit on your Airvape XS vaporizers. Enjoy the smooth hits from your Airvape XS with the bubbler attachment for an even smoother experience. Wet your whistle with the Airvape XS Bubbler Attachment.


KandyPens K-box

The KandyPens K-box packs punch like a boxer. Be careful or it might just put your lights out. Though diminutive in size, the K-box punches above its weight class with a lung-ripping atomizer featuring triple quartz rods.


Featuring variable voltage and a mouthpiece featuring adjustable airflow, power users will be able to dial the KandyPens K-box to suit their preference. The Glass mouthpiece and simple operation ensures a wax vape that works just the way you like it. What are you waiting for? Step in the ring with the Kandypens K-box.


That does it for the month of October. Tune in next month as VaporNation gears up to make your holiday the cloudiest one yet! Stay Vaping!

William Updyke
VaporNation Content Writer

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