September Vape Spotlight: What's New at VaporNation?


With another month, comes another flurry of new product arrivals at VaporNation. As we continue to expand and diversify our product line, we reach out to you with some exciting new objects we think are worth your while in a big way. Here is a little peak at some tasty new prods at VaporNation muh dawgs.

KandyPens Prism & KandyPens Prism Plus

The KandyPens Prism and Prism Plus are powered by sub-ohm batteries that allow for lower draw resistance than most pen-style vaporizers.  The Prism and Prism plus are the first KandyPens wax pens to feature an integrated glass mouthpiece, which is a must for clean, tasty hits.

The Prism Plus features a larger battery and can be charged via mini USB, while the regular Prism features a more discrete form factor and can be charged via mini USB or via lightning cable. Finally, you won’t have to ask to borrow a charger from your non-iPhone friends!

 We Got Glass

Cue the music. Cue the disco ball. Tell the DJ to put down his drink and drop the hot jams VaporNation is celebrating the long-waited arrival of glass. We’ve partnered with the ever-great Tommy Chong, to bring his Famous Brandz line of water pipes to VaporNation

Famous Brandz water pipes and smoking accessories bring high-quality glass to affordable price points. With clean classic lines, high quality components, and a variety of percolators, the Famous Brandz glass lines will appeal to smokers old and new alike. With Glass options for both dry herb and concentrates, you can’t go wrong with a new piece from Famous Brandz.


Genius Pipe

Hey, genius, if’ you’re still coughing from your old fashioned glass pipe, it’s time to raise your IQ. The Genius pipe presents an elegant solution to a common problem. The Problem?  Harsh hits and hot smoke. The Solution? The Genius pipe features a magnetic construction, combining different layers of anodized steel with an easy to clean airway path. This path is covered in divots to maximize the cooling of the airflow for less harsh hits. You don’t have to be Einstein to realize less harsh hits = a better time, snatch up your Genius Pipe today.


Vivant Dabox Portable Vaporizer


Big clouds? Check. Small Package?  You betcha. The Vivant Dabox portable vaporizer is a powerhouse in a compact case that delivers ripping puffs of vapor, bustling with flavor. Employing mod style power in a super portable vaporizer, the Vivant Dabox delivers 40w at the press of a button. Not a tech head? Wondering what all this mumbo jumbo means? What it translates to, is huge clouds from your concentrates with no waiting time.


AirVape OM

Our innovative friends over at Airvape are at it again, with a brand new wax pen. The OM marks the Airvape’s arrival into the concentrate pen market and it does not disappoint. Featuring a haute design complete with stainless steel and wood flourishes, the AirVape OM is both beautiful and unassuming for vaping on the sly. The dual quartz rod atomizer is fired by a single button press, delivering delicious clouds to your dome via a glass mouthpiece. Its ease of use is complemented by its keychain form factor, allowing you to take the OM with you wherever you may roam.


That’s what’s new with Vapornation, what’s new with your vape? Let us know at @thevapornation on IG. Hyped about these products? Any questions we didn’t answer? What would you like to see next at VaporNation? Let us know in the Comments below. 

Thomas Gregorich
VaporNation Content Writer

Thomas Gregorich is a writer at The VaporNation Blog, a Los Angeles-based online publication focused on providing balanced and trustworthy information about vaporizers. His blogs are visited by an average of 60,000 readers each month. His goal? To help build awareness about the true benefits and downsides of vaping.

As a vaporizer critic for the past two years, Thomas does not recommend that people take up vaping if they don't already smoke. He also does not claim that vaping is healthier than smoking. He does, however, provide information on how to choose and use vaporizers for those who already practice smoking or vaping.

Thomas bought his first vaporizer after looking for an alternative to smoking, a practice which he found to be odorous and wasteful. Since then, he's become an enthusiast, reviewing the most popular devices to provide readers with a balanced perspective. His aim is to offer responsible advice and information that ensures the continued happiness, health, and safety of his readers.

Thomas graduated from University of Massachusetts, Amherst and lives with his family in the Los Angeles region. You can read his articles on High Times, Chicagoist, Leafly, Westword, Leaf Science, Green Rush Daily, Ganjapreneur, and more.

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