Legalization May Go Nationwide after Prop 64 [Infographic]

Legalization has finally reached California with the passing of Prop 64. But will other states follow after its footsteps?

California's projected growth in annual canna-sales suggests they will. But the way Californians voted on Prop 64 seems to suggest some reluctance.

You'd think it would be a clean win for legalization, considering the high demographic of liberal voters living in California. But the Prop 64 vote was actually a little close.

If Californians were divided almost in half on legalization, how will more conservative states vote?

As our infographic shows, analysts predict big money and big changes after Prop 64.

What's Next for Legalization after Prop 64?

Prop 64 is certainly going to stir things up by stimulating a struggling economy, but legalization will also change lives in two important ways.

First, it will allow for more research on what many deem a “wonder herb.” Cannabidiol, for example, is not only notable for being one of two major active compounds in the plant, but for effectively treating epilepsy in children. Scientists will have the freedom to place cannabinoids under the microscope.

Secondly, legalization will warrant the release of non-violent criminals put away for possession and dealing, saving taxpayers money and freeing millions of Americans. Half a million were incarcerated over the past decade in California alone.

Will Prop 64 lead to huge economic and social change in California? If the state handles the new opportunity better than they did with the medicinal industry, it’s highly likely. The potential for growth after legalization cannot be understated.

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