Puffit: The Cure for the Common Vape

Are you feeling down and out?  Maybe you just aren't satisfied with your current vape, maybe it's time to take another look at the Puffit.  The Puffit has been touted for years as "the cure for the common vape" and we agree here at Vapor Nation.  The Puffit vaporizer is very small and compact obviously, not only that but because of it's inhaler like design it is incredibly discreet.  What you might not have known about the Puffit is that it is also moderately priced, coming in at just $199.99 at Vapor Nation.  When you purchase your Puffit you will also be provided with some accessories, they are as follows; one Puffit "Vape Enhancer", one silicone heat shield, one USB charger, one carrying case, one removable stir tool, one cleaning and packing tool, four replacement screens and three mouthpieces.  So you can really see here that are getting a ton of value for the low price.

 Check out what this lovely Vapor Nation customer had to say about the Puffit personal and portable vaporizer:
"Well first of all I love this vaporizer. By far the best purchase as far as portable vaporizers go. The design is compact sleek and simplistic. This product is truly the ideal portable device. However from personal use I can assure you if used correctly and simulated as a medical inhaler the average person will never notice. From my initial purchase of this item i would recommend buying the vapor enhancer. Increasing the density of the vapor you inhale. Especially if you are an avid user of herb, as this will increase the effectiveness during vaporization. Amazing Product If you have the cash buy I can assure you, you will not be disappointed."  - Dave

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