Puffit Vaporizer is an Inhaler for Everyone!

Whenever I’m about and about I always get asked the question "is that an inhaler?" Of course, they get even more intrigued when I tell them it’s a vaporizer. I guess it still considered a type of “inhaler.” The Puffit vaporizer has to be the stealthiest and most discreet vaporizer I have ever used. I can carry it around anywhere, use it whenever I feel the need to without attracting unwanted attention. For such a small vaporizer, it still includes all the features of a standard vaporizer like a temperature control system, cleaning tools, and an efficient charging system. The temperature control system is really nice; for such a powerful vape I wanted a portable vaporizer with a good heating system so I wouldn’t have to worry about burning my blends. A lot of vapes are annoying in this regard, especially portable types which lack a good heating system.

The discreetness of the Puffit vaporizer is really something that I adore. It looks like an asthma inhaler and this makes it easy to vape without attracting scrutiny. Being a fairly mobile person having to travel around for work and have friends scattered throughout the area, having a vape that can be confounded by its appearance is a big plus. Just the other day I went shopping for my niece’s birthday at a very crowded mall. Of course I brought my Puffit with me, intending to use it in the parking lot before I went inside. As I got out of my car, there were tons of people either driving around or walking toward the entrance. I grabbed my Puffit from my pocket, and started “inhaling." To everyone who was looking at my direction, they probably figured I had asthma. Little did they know I was just using a pocket vaporizer with blend for my personal aromatherapy. Score one for the Puffit Vaporizer!
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