PUFFiT Vaporizers Continue to Wow

puffit-2-vaporizerIf there is one thing we all want from our portable vaporizer it's discreetness.  You need to be able to vaporize your herbs when and where you want.  This is what makes the PUFFiT vaporizer so special.  The PUFFiT has led the way with it small portable design that would appear at first glance to be nothing more than your average inhaler. 

The PUFFiT is very easy to use and operate making it a favorite among old and new vaporizers alike.  It has a very fast heat up time and comes with an advanced temperature control system.  It also includes an automatic shut off feature to help conserve battery life.  The USB charger is a great touch making it easy keep fully operational

  The PUFFiT's simple design and quality manufacturing ensure that this vaporizer was built to last.  "The PUFFiT portable vaporizer offers completely silent, discreet and safe operation in a durable, portable design that fits as neatly in your hand as it does your pocket or handbag." The accessories included with purchase are; 1x silicone heat shield, 1x USB charger, 1x carrying case, 1x removable stirring tool, 1x cleaning & packing tool, 4x replacement screens and 3x mouthpieces.  One last thing to consider with the PUFFiT is the price, retailing at only $139.95 it is very competitively priced.  It ranks highly among other vaporizers in the same price range.  There are dozens of reviews on the product page for everyone to read, here is what one satisfied customer had to say about the PUFFiT Portable Vaporizer:
"This was the first vaporizer I ever owned and must say it is awesome.. I use it for Mary Jane only and I am very impressed with how well it works as well as how much product it saves me in the long run. Packing this once will keep me going for three to four days. It saves me money in the long run. The temp is tricky at first but be patient and you will find the right temp. I use between 5-7 on the temp control I get ripped every time. For those who want to see the vapor they blow out get in a dark room with a high powered flashlight and blow threw the beam and you will see the cloud of vapor u are getting. Very good product for us who are discreet about it...I abuse mine in public often and no one can tell. I would highly recommend this product!" -Walleye

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