Rolling Joints vs. Vaping Trenches

Rolling a joint vs packing a vaporizer

There is something enchanting about the ritual involved in cannabis consumption.  Each of us has a unique process for assembling our tools, preparing our leaf, and packing our herb.  This concentrated effort becomes a significant component of the enjoyment and potency of the marijuana experience.  Although severely dated and wholly archaic, one of the most ubiquitous and time-honored ways to ingest delectable chronic is through a rolled joint.

If you know someone with a passion for joints, they probably cherish the sanctity of their joint-rolling procedure. They would tell you it’s an undeniable part of the enjoyment they get from cannabis, but they most likely don’t understand that there is a healthier, more effective way to toke their chronic in an equally gratifying process: vaping. The good news is that vaping has drastically easier steps and avoids the myriad of disadvantages associated with smoking a joint.  Let’s take a look at a side-by-side comparison of how to roll a joint in contrast of how to vape.


It is universally apparent that if you do not prepare, then you have only prepared for failure, and this applies to prepping for weed consumption as well. Before we go any further, make sure you have all the necessities at your disposal.

To roll a joint, you’ll need:
  1. Rolling papers
  2. Grinder
  3. Lighter
For vaping, you’ll require:
  1. Vaporizer
  2. Grinder

When you are preparing to roll a joint, you first need to select the proper rolling paper.  Flavor, shape, size; all of these factors must be considered to determine the best papers for your purposes.  On the contrary, desktop vaporizers and many portable vaporizers are equip to handle a variety of different herbal consistencies and amounts, so there is no worry about whether you have the right tool for whichever situation if your vaping.  Ultimately, the only real preparation in vaping is ensuring that your weed vaporizer is charged.  While most portable vaporizers boast impressive batteries that hold long lasting charges, it’s always best to vape on fully charged batteries to experience the complete capability of the vaporizer.



The next step, and the only one shared by both rolling a joint and vaping, is the grinding of your herb.  Typically, your weed is going to be sold in bulky nuggets of beautiful green possibilities that demand your attention in order to get ready for ingurgitation.  The grinding process is virtually the same for both rolling a joint and vaping.  You’re looking to shred your dry herb into a fine consistency.

To grind your weed:

  1. Break apart the herb into small chunks.
  2. Insert the herb into the grinder.
  3. Twist the grinder back-and-forth.
  4. Check contents to see if the herb is sufficiently grinded. If it isn’t, repeat the twisting motion.

While the process behind grinding doesn’t differ between rolling a joint and vaping, there is a distinct difference in the amount of weed required to be ground.  Since a notable portion of powerful marijuana potentiality is sacrificed in a cloud of unappreciated smoke while a joint is burning, you’re wasting a lot of weed and placing a heavy tax on your chronic stash.  Vaping is quite the opposite, wasting virtually no herb since there is never any harmful combustion that causes both a reckless torching of cannabis and the inhalation of undesirable noxious smoke byproducts.



Now onto the stickiest part of the process: packaging the herbal goodness into a vehicle for consumption.  This is where things start to get drastically uneven between the processes of rolling a joint and vaping.

To pack a joint:
  1. Grab the rolling paper (with glue side facing up) and fold it in half lengthwise.
  2. Sprinkle ground weed horizontally along the middle of the rolling paper.
  3. Carefully arrange the fillings so that they are evenly distributed in a balanced line stretching the center of the paper.
  4. Grip the unglued side of the rolling paper and roll it over the ground weed, tucking it underneath.
  5. Wet the glue edge of the rolling paper and carefully wrap it over the remainder of the joint.
  6. Seal the joint with another damp lick along the crease of the rolling paper.
To load a vaporizer:
  1. Gently fill the heating chamber with the desired amount of weed.

While we’re all on the same team here, there is clearly one methodology for toking your bud that outshines the rest, and that method is vaping.


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