Silver Surfer's Have Arrived...Surf's Up!

It’s time to jump aboard the Silver Surfer wave that’s sweeping the Vaporizer Industry.  Silver Surfer has been producing some of the Best Vaporizers over the last few years.   Their Herbal Vaporizers are made of the highest quality parts available and utilize the highest grade ceramic heating elements.  Silver Surfer Vaporizers are manufactured in the USA and come with a three year warranty that includes free lifetime service.  All Silver Surfer Vaporizers come with a quick change wand, clear glass mouthpiece, plastic tubing, 3 replacement screens, and a custom glass stirring tool.  These high quality vaporizers are built to last and come with a complete 3 year manufacturer's warranty.
If you want a custom Vaporizer, no problem.  All Silver Surfer Vaporizers can be customized with different color bases and with different glass knobs to adjust the temperature.  If you’re looking for a Vaporizer with a Hands Free attachment, the Silver Surfer has that too.  You can also purchase an AromaTop for your Silver Surfer, which allows the user to diffuse essential oils while vaporizing at the same time.  VaporNation, an Online Head Shop, is currently having a giant sale on all Silver Surfer Vaporizers.   They start as low as $189.99. And with their January sale currently going on, you get another 5% discount.  Simply type the Promo Code: JAN11SS at checkout to receive your discount. So get your Silver Surfer today and start Vaporizing like a pro.  Surf’s Up!
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