Dabbing Deep with the Source Orb 4 Wax Pen

If you had to categorize the Source Orb 4 vaporizer, you’d start by saying it’s a wax pen. After all, it comes fully equipped with 8 different atomizers for wax concentrates. But on second thought, it’s like a mod vaporizer made for wax instead of ejuice. Just look at the powerful sub-ohm mod battery that delivers dab-like clouds of a lung-expanding size. But that also makes it akin to an enail, doesn’t it? So what the hell is the Source Orb 4? When it comes down to it, this vaporizer defies easy categorization. It combines the power of a mod vape, and the intense experience of dabbing with an enail, in a more portable, pen-style unit.

8 Wax Atomizers

The Source Orb 4 was clearly designed for vaping connoisseurs. That’s evidenced by the array of atomizers that come included with the vaporizer. Depending on your preferences, you have your choice of the following, each of which vapes wax differently:

  • Quartz Single Rod Atomizer

  • Quartz Double Rod Atomizer

  • White Ceramic Double Rod Atomizer

  • Black Ceramic Double Rod Atomizer

  • Ceramic Coil-less Atomizer

  • Quartz Coil-less Atomizer

  • Source Nail Titanium Coil-less Atomizer

  • Source Nail Ceramic Coil-less Atomizer

Let’s breakdown what these atomizers do…

Ceramic atomizers grow hotter faster, giving you bigger vapor clouds more quickly, while quartz atomizers heat “slow and low” to deliver slightly cleaner, smoother hits.

Coil-less atomizers distribute heat evenly to thoroughly vaporizer concentrates. They also eliminate the need to buy replacement coils, and make cleaning the atomizer chamber easier.

Single rod atomizers are ideal for lighter draws while double rod atomizers deliver bigger hits.

Those are the basics, but to dig even deeper, the Source Orb comes with a black ceramic double rod atomizer with porous material that’s suited for oily concentrates.

As you can tell, Source has covered every base here as far as dabbing goes. Generally, you don’t get this many options in one kit.

Vapes like a Mod

The Source Orb 4 is unique for a wax pen in that it utilizes a mod battery. Mods are vaporizers on steroids. They use sub-oHm batteries, which just means there’s less restriction on how much battery power is used. The result is impressively large clouds of vapor. The Source Orb 4 packs that power, but in a smaller unit. The Source Orb 4 is also designed for wax vaping, as was mentioned earlier, while most mods are limited to eliquid. By focusing that extra power on vaporizing wax, the Source Orb 4 delivers a dab-like vaping experience--intense, robust, and potent.

Advanced Features

The Source Orb 4 vaporizer lets you customize how you vape. First you can dictate the size of your draws with a 5-setting variable airflow system. This is handy for those who want take full advantage of the expansive vapor clouds, or take it down a notch with smaller hits.

Then there’s the precise temperature control. This enables you to zero in on the ideal temperature for the concentrate you’re vaping, as well as the type of vapor quality you prefer. You can choose between 200F and a whopping 700F thanks to the insanely strong mod battery.

The Verdict

The Source Orb 4 runs more expensive than the majority of wax pens. But you have to consider why. It not only comes with every atomizer you could ever need, but a mod vape battery that generally runs more expensive. In other words, with the Source Orb 4, you get what you pay extra for. And it’s tough to find what you get elsewhere.

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