Stay Happy On-The-Go with Vaporite Budy Pen Pro!

Pen-style vaporizers might be the best idea to ever hit the vaporizer industry. As a long time vaporizer fanatic I’ve gone through my fair share of vaporizers big and small alike. Portable vaporizers are great as many of them allow the user to vaporize on the go. As more manufacturers become aware of the demand of portable vaporizers, more innovative and advanced products have surfaced, specifically pen-style types. These vapes offer a very discreet design, as they are fairly small and narrow, nearly identical to an e-cigarette. Considering these advantages, I had to jump on the vaporizer pen bandwagon.

When looking for pen-style types I wanted one capable of heating herbs as well as different concentrates, it has a simple design, and was very functional. The Vaporite Budy Pen ProVaporizer was exactly what I was looking for. The Budy Pen Pro features a one button system that just needs one click for it to start heating up. I have achieved really big rips from the Budy Pen especially with dry blends. Of course one needs to charge the vape, but this is a breeze as it attaches to a USB charger allowing very convenient charging. Heat up happens within a matter of seconds. This is a really cool aspect of the Vaporite Budy Pen Pro Vaporizer; it works quickly and is so discreet so as not to attract unnecessary attention. I can be at the ball park and people can think I’m just using a e-cigarette, when I’m actually vaping. It’s that subtle and simple. Vaporite did a great job insinuating itself into the popular pen-style market by creating the Budy Pen Pro; it's a complete and affordable pen style vape.