#Thisthingrips Announcement: Get Stoked for the Stok Edition One Vaporizer


Something duby-ous is brewing over at #Thisthingrips, we have confirmed word of a new wax pen in the works that’s going to blow your effing mind. Check out the announcement below and we’ll keep you updated as new information is released.


The Stok Edition One vaporizer occupies the familiar vape pen form factor employed in #thisthingsrips products while offering a futuristic take on the modern wax pen. Known for their iconic, visual chambers, the Stok Edition One vaporizer eschews the colored acrylic for a monochromatic white dubbed “mile high white.”  While the size and form may be familiar, the design is anything but common, leaning more towards a refined, high-tech look. This look is further elevated with the matte grey logo and cyan, led-lit button on the battery.


Speaking of batteries, #thisthingrips is known for their use of heavy-duty batteries to deliver concentrate-curdling, cloud-creating vape pens. Their recent RiG edition vaporizers took the #thisthingrips ethos to the extreme, with the largest vaporizer batteries they had put in any pen previously. The Stok Edition one is no slouch in the battery department either, boasting temperature control with three heat settings and a quick heat up time. The Stok Edition One employs a smart battery which automatically reverts to the last setting employed by the user on power-up.


 With a temperature range of 650-800 degrees Fahrenheit, the Stok Edition One vape pen is definitely aimed at users who are used to dabbing at higher temperatures. These higher temperatures, combined with the ceramic atomizer, establish the Stok Edition One as a cloud-emanating monster with minimal heat-up time. The high-quality titanium coils utilized in the atomizer will stand up to the extreme temperatures employed by the Stok wax pen and should ensure better atomizer longevity.


The use of ceramic in the Stok edition one appears to be a conscious attempt to overturn the current wave of vaporizer paradigms. With most companies shifting from ceramic rod-type atomizers to the more popular dual quartz or coilless options, the move to equip the Stok Edition One Vaporizer with ceramic is a unique one. Featured in other vape pens by #this thing rips such as the popular R2 and the R2 slim and R2 RiG editon, ceramic offers some interesting advantages over quartz and coilless options.

The main advantage of a ceramic atomizer, like that employed in the Stok wax pen, is the ability to absorb wax concentrates into its more porous surface. By soaking up concentrates, you can effectively “load” your coil more efficiently than that of a quartz atomizer. This will prevent splashing of wax concentrates and waste that is so commonly associated with quartz coils. While coilless ceramic atomizers are no doubt more efficient, as they can ensure that all of your precious concentrates are consumed, many users find the thinner clouds to be less fulfilling. Coilless ceramic atomizers are also slow to heat up, a problem that the Stok Edition One never has to worry about, thanks to its use of high-quality titanium coils.

So there you have it, the hot gossip on the latest from #thisthingrips. The combination of a high-quality ceramic atomizer, large capacity battery, new streamlined design and compact form-factor make the Stoke Edition One a wax pen we’re stoked on. Be sure to check back as we receive new developments.  Until next time, vape on. 

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