Storing Vape Juice


What is vaped from your vaporizer is just as important as the unit itself. Investing in quality ejuice is the first step to an exceptional vaping experience. But the next move is preserving your eliquid, which is especially important for those who buy it in bulk.

Lifespan of eJuice

E-JuicePreserving the flavor and freshness of your vape juice from bottle to vaporizer is not just down to how you store it. Time plays a role as well.

There’s actually no expiration date for vaporizer liquid that’s 100% accurate. That date you see on the bottle is merely an estimation of how long it might last before you can taste a loss of flavor when you vape it. When we consider the contents of your eliquid, it’s easy to make an educated guess as to its true lifespan, and assume it will be longer if you store your vape juice accordingly.

Most vape juice is made up of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and perhaps a few vapor flavors. Based on the lifespan of PG and VG, your eliquid will likely last around 1 to 2 years if you store it correctly.

Bare in mind that every eliquid is different. Certain added flavors, for example, can make your ejuice spoil quicker. But vape juices with higher levels of PG are prone to longer lives, since propylene glycol is anti-bacterial.

How to Store eLiquid

What’s the best vape juice storing method? The simple answer is keep your ejuice out of the sun, and in a cool shady place like the fridge. But there’s more you can do to extend the life of vape juice until that lovely day when vaping it becomes a reality.

First, there’s what you store your vape juice in. Most eliquid comes in a plastic bottle that won’t hold up over time. By transferring your ejuice to tinted glass bottles that are air-tight, you’ll significantly increase the lifespan of your precious concentrates by shading them from light.

For long term storage, you can cryogenically preserve your e-liquids in a deep freezer, but keep in mind that this can water down concentrates, and therefore the taste once the vape juice thaws.

If you do decide to freeze your eliquids, let them thaw out and come down to room temperature before vaping them. If you’re freezing vape juice in glass bottles, make sure not to fill the bottle up more than about ? to the brim. A full glass bottle might break in the freezer as the volume of liquid expands when it solidifies.

Enjoying Vape Juice While It Lasts

Kanger TopboxStoring vape juices is just a means to an end. That end is ideally a vaporizer that not only has good airflow, flavorful rips, and portable design, but comes compatible with ejuice (some vaporizers require replacement extensions for vaping juice). The best vaporizers for vaping juice are mods like the Kanger TOPBOX Mini Kit, which comes with an easy-to-fill TOPTANK mini tank and produces bigger clouds from your eliquids than other types of portable vaporizers--as long as you properly store your vape juice.

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