Arizer Solo - The Perfect Personal Vaporizer

For the portable vaporizer enthusiast, the Arizer Solo Vaporizer is one of the best handheld vaporizers out today. With its lightness (less than two pounds) and compact design, it is an easily portable vaporizer. Using a superb lithium ion battery, users can enjoy the vaporizer continuously for over three hours. Its portability is just one of its very attractive features. For users who want the cleanest and freshest hits from vaporizers they will be pleased with its glass tube and large chamber. I have never experienced the same experience from another vaporizer. One would be dumbfounded to believe that you were not using a typical vaporizer.  The Arizer Solo Vaporizer definitely comes in handy as I have always wanted a personal vaporizer which is small enough to be portable, but doesn’t sacrifice the delivery performance of a forced-air unit.

A key feature of the Arizer Solo herbal vaporizer is the LED temperature control system which allows users to adjust the temperature for optimal heating.  With its 7 adjustable heating levels, heating is fast and easy allowing you to enjoy the vapor without waiting around for your herbs to heat up regardless how you fill the chamber. It includes a charger, so once you have exhausted your battery life you can conveniently charge it. If you are looking for the perfect herbal vaporizer which will fulfill your portability and performance needs, the Arizer Solo Handheld Vaporizer is hard to beat.
VaporNation Content Writer

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