The Atmos Raw is now the Atmos Rx Vaporizer

Same vape with a different name.  The Atmos Raw is now the Atmos Rx.  It still packs the same punch, comes in the same colors and is still completely portable with no wires or cords.  The Atmos Rx still uses an advanced lithium Ion Battery and excels at being discreet when you need to vape outside of your home or office.  The Atmos Rx is still windproof and as usual heats up and is ready to use in seconds.  The Atmos Rx retails for $229.95 but is on sale now at Vapor Nation for just $189.95.


We also added a new section onto our Pinterest page for Atmos Vaporizers.  If you want to check out the Atmos Rx Jr. or the Atmos Status Vaporizer then click the link above.  Take a look around and Pin some over your favorite vaporizers.  You can also view the worlds smallest and most affordable vaporizer called the Atmos Bullet-2-Go.  The Bullet-2-go is one of my personal favorite Atmos vaporizers besides the Atmos Raw.

A few of the other vaporizers featured on the Pinterest page are the AtmosThermo W Vaporizer and the Atmos Optimus Vaporizer which is an efficient and easy to use Oil Vaporizer.  Then there is the Atmos Nail 510 portable Vaporizer which many consider to be vastly different from any other pen-style vaporizer currently available on the market today.  If you take into account the  %10 summer savings coupon on Vapor Nation this vape pen is basically a steal and with the price match guarantee you wont have to waste time shopping around for a lower price. 

If you have any questions or comments remember to post in the comments section below.  Here is what one satisfied customer had to say about the Atmos Rx (formally the Atmos Raw) Vaporizer.
"I've been wanting a pen-style vaporizer that can just vape straight herbs and finally got the Atmos Raw from a friend of mine. Threw some of my best dry herbs in there and it hit like a champ! Super stoked on this one. I only tried packing it twice so far and it doesn't hold very much (or at least I haven't figured out how to get it to yet) but it hits hard and smooth and got me super "relaxed" off the first hit. I'm guessing these things will be everywhere like the volcanos vaporizers in no time flat"
VaporNation Content Writer

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