The Crafty: Still Soaring High Above the Competition

Since its release last October, the Crafty has widely been viewed as the benchmark of portable herbal vaporizers, and is consistently one of the highest rated vapes on the market.

Storz and Bickel, manufacturer of Volcano products (Crafty, Mighty, Plenty), are arguably the most reputable name in the industry. Costumers have come to expect nothing less than excellence when it comes to their products, and the Crafty certainly doesn't disappoint.

Let's face it - the vaporizer market has recently become flooded cheap knock-offs and clones that are now, unfortunately, outnumbering the amount of high quality, expertly designed propriety units. As it's becoming increasingly easier for manufacturers to make a quick buck from the production of less than stellar offerings, it's more refreshing than ever when a true modern marvel of vaporization technology comes along, i.e., the Crafty.

Nearly nine months after its release, the Crafty is still viewed as one of the most function, discreet and high quality portable vaporizers around. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the Crafty uses high efficiency heat exchange and a combination of convection heating, which provides immediate and continuous vaporization, and conduction heating, to ensure that there is vapor created from the moment you inhale.

The Crafty also offers precise temperature control through your smartphone by way of the free Crafty Remote Control App. With the app, you can assign specific temperatures to the Crafty's basic and booster temperature buttons, as well as monitor battery life, control vibration function, and monitor your vaporizer usage.

The recent price-drop on Storz and Bickel products has made the Crafty more affordable than ever. Now is the time to see what everyone is raving about. Get your Crafty at the guaranteed lowest price today!

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