The Dr. Dabber Boost is Back in Stock!

Do you Dab? Ready to take your wax game to the next level? The Boost is the latest and most advanced innovation from Dr. Dabber.

With the Boost, there's no wicks or coils, and no annoying atomizers to replace. More powerful and dependable than a wax pen, and far less expensive than traditional dab rigs, the Boost represents a whole new way to enjoy your favorite wax concentrates.

Battery-powered and portable, the Boost isn't like any other dab rig on the market. In fact, the Boost is the first eRig of its kind, and unlike large, cumbersome, expensive dab rigs, the Boost doesn't require a torch.

Once activated, the Boost's domeless titanium nail reaches 700°F in just 30 seconds. Attach the included water filtration attachment, and apply your wax using the magnetic loading tool. Then use the magnetic carb cap to create the perfect hit.

Designed to be a portable solution to those looking for more power and versatility than your average wax vape pen can offer, the Boost gives you the power of a tradition dab rig, but with enhanced versatility and portability. Since the Boost is battery powered, you can bring it anywhere in its handy carrying case.

Here's what our friends at Vaporizer Review had to say about the Boost:
"As one of the more reputable and popular names in the wax game, Dr. Dabber is known for their high-quality products and industry-leading innovations. For example, Dr. Dabber was was one first (if not the first) companies to utilize atomizers with titanium coils – something that has since become quite common with higher-end units."
"With that said, it should come as no surprise that DD is leading the latest revolution in dab technology. Billed as an “eRig”, the new Boost is a completely portable (and far less expensive) solution to traditional e-nails. The Boost provides the same type of performance you’d expect from a standard wax rig, but with enhanced convenience and portability."
Weather you're a wax enthusiast looking for a new tool for your arsenal, or a newbie to concentrates looking for a great introductury unit, the Boost is sure to put a smile on your face.

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