Dube Vaporizer Demo

Judging by its name, the Dube vaporizer sounds like something you need to roll for you to use. On the contrary, the Dube, made by White Rhino, is a slim pen-style vaporizer that just needs some contents for you to load up and enjoy. It vaporizes any material making it an all around superior portable unit. A cool feature of the Dube is the ability for it to be chargeable via your USB port or a wall outlet.  I ordered the Dube vaporizer because I wanted a unit that was ultra portable and efficient, as well as allowing me to have the dual functionality of using blends or waxes. I hated the fact that my old pen-style vaporizer could only use waxes. The Dube vape is one of the smaller pen-style vaporizers available, designed to look and feel like an E-cig. 

Many of the similar styles are a bit bigger and limited to only a certain type of material for use. It’s truly remarkable how the Dube, with its size can have the capabilities it has. For a pen-style vaporizer the Dube portable vaporizerdoes a great job. The inconspicuous design of the Dube is crucial for people who want to have a discreet experience anywhere, while maintaining the subtle look of an E-Cigarette.  I was out in the city the other day and felt extremely comfortable using my Dube without attracting unwanted attention. The smooth black design makes it look like any other E-cig, but the added Dube lettering and green colors makes it noticeable to user.  As far as performance, the Dube by White Rhino hits really well and heats up my substances to the optimal temperature. No matter what kind of blend you want to vaporize, the Dube delivers great vapor, and it comes at a very affordable price for a quality vaporizer. The straightforward function and design of the Dube vaporizer makes it one of my favorite vaporizers I have ever used. 

If you'd like a demonstration, check out my good buddy, the Vapor MC, showing us vapor enthusiasts how to do it: