The G-Pen Vaporizer Defines Reliability

The second you have "The Game" on board with a herb related product you know it must be good.  On top of that G-Pen (created by Grenco Science) reached out to Amanda Bynes to represent the product as well, although she politely declined.  Celebrity endorsements aside the G-Pen has a lot to offer to any vaporizer connoisseur.

One of the most important aspects of any vaporizer is the ability to deliver consistent vapor.  That is one major reason why the G-Pen Vaporizer is so popular today.  The G-Pen is capable of vaporizing both Oils and Waxes efficiently and evenly over long periods of time.  I loaned one to a friend last week and they had this to say:
"The G pen is working like a champ, I love it and its extremely discreet and portable so I can vape even out at the bar. Then when I am done all you have to do to clean it is just turn it upside down and turn it on then the wax will melt right off ." - Sammy B.
When I first purchased my G-Pen vaporizer I had a few questions, they were all quickly answered.  First on the list was the battery life, I was worried that it was going to die after a few hours of use and that it could not hold a charge.  I was relieved to find that me and my friends were able to vape all night long having multiple sessions with zero performance issues.

Another concern I had was the G-Pen's structural integrity.  After dropping it a few times with no consequences I feel quite safe carrying it around in my pocket without the carrying case.  If that doesn't make you feel any better the G-Pen vaporizer comes with a 1-year warranty.

Now that I have had my pen vape for a few months and put it through its paces I am completely comfortable recommending it to friends and family.  It looks great, performs well and doesn't break when you drop it.  Grenco Science continues to deliver and create products that their customers want and trust.  Browse our full selection of pen-style vaporizers at Vapor Nation today.

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