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I am an avid vaporizer user but have never owned a vape that I could use anywhere without the need to plug into a wall circuit. There are now a lot of portable vaporizers on the market today. From pen-style to pocket-style vapes, portable vaporizers have become the norm for vape enthusiasts who want to vaporize on the go. With such a high availability of portable products to choose from, it was a hard decision but I ended up going with the Magic Flight Launch Box. The MFLB is an extremely popular vaporizer with great reviews. A neat thing about the unit is how small it is as well as being battery powered. I am accustomed to vapes which are desktop styles and take a good amount of time to heat up. Portable vapes, especially efficient ones like the Launch Box feel like I'm getting the best of both worlds: strong hits and easy transport.

The MFLB Vaporizer features an efficient heating system that vaporizes my material very quickly. For such a small device I was not expecting this feature, but it made me really appreciate the capabilities of the vape. I went for a hike the other day, and I had made sure to bring my Launch Box vaporizer. Before I went out I charged my battery using the included recharge unit, so I had extended use if necessary. The batteries last a couple hours if used non-stop so in the relaxed environment that I was a part of, I enjoyed the experience without worrying about power or carrying a bulky device. Now as far as the hits I was getting from the compact MFLB vape, they were actually really impressive. They felt deep and I expelled a lot of vapor. The Magic Flight Launch Box is a very satisfying portable vaporizer.

If you need more clarification, check out my colleague, the VaporMC, showing us how to rip the Magic Flight Launch Box:

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