The Magic Flight Launch Box

The first time I used a Magic Flight Launch Box Herbal Vaporizer was on top of an RV at the world-renowned communal gathering known as Burning Man. This annual gathering is basically a ten-day orgy of artistic expression, a resplendent array of beautiful bodies clad in creative costumes dancing to delicious beats surrounded by gigantic imaginative art installations constructed on the desert plain, or “playa.” Burning Man is held in the Black Rock Desert of northern Nevada, which becomes the third largest city in the state for the ten days that the event is held leading up to Labor Day annually.

The Magic Flight Launch Box Personal Vaporizer came in handy due to the increased proliferation of undercover police officers and federal marshals who have regrettably made it their prerogative to infiltrate the cooperative community known as “burners.” The burning is not in reference to burning herbs, but rather the immolation of a large wooden effigy known as “The Man” on the last Saturday of the event. This distinction is important because it is a metaphor for the Magic Flight’s efficacy on the playa. While many novice burners will attempt to light pipes or other traditional delivery devices in their campsites, the smell of burning herbs and the flicking of lighters often attracts sniffing dogs and infrared sensors carried by the undercover officials.

The primary purpose for this surveillance is to generate state revenue by writing tickets and confiscating people’s goods. If you want to avoid this potential pitfall at any mass gathering or festival, I highly recommend bringing a Magic Flight Launch Box Portable Vaporizer. It is very discreet and doesn’t require combustion as it is powered by a battery which you push in while you inhale. The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer loads easily and you get a satisfying face full of vapor every single time. Don’t harsh your mellow on the playa. Use the Magic Flight Launch Box Portable Vaporizer and dance happy!
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