The New Pinnacle Pro Revealed

The new Pinnacle Pro is a great vaporizer for a variety of reasons.  The new model offers multiple heat settings, an improved heating chamber, a small and compact design, Lithium Ion battery, a ceramic heating element, features a quick 90 second heat up time, automatic shut off feature and comes with two different glass hydro tubes. 

The Pinnacle Pro vaporizer  also comes with a 1 year warranty and weighs 0.30 pounds.  It is very portable and is compatible with dry herbs.  The Pinnacle Pro vaporizer utilizes a direct draw delivery method and uses a 110v battery to power the heating element.  The Pinnacle Pro vaporizer is 7.5" inches long and fits easily in your pocket or purse.

The old Pinnacle is still a great Vaporizer, and now that they have improved upon an already proven design we can expect nothing but great things.  Read what this satisfied customer had to say about the original Pinnacle:

"This vape is by far the most efficient convection vape on the market to date. Plus its small and compact. It's versatile (water tool and glass ware interchangeable) and your able to use various glass water filtration pieces. It heats up in less then a minute and has two temp settings. The Pinnacle is easy to use. Just turn it to desired temp (one click low two clicks high) then load the SS bullet, put the bullet in the chamber and take a slow draw to preheat the chamber. Take slow to medium steady draws and you'll taste the vapor. You'll know when to stop inhaling.

This Pinnacle will effectively medicate and give you nice sized clouds. With water tools you can produce bigger clouds and the filtration makes a great difference in terms of smoothness of the vapor inhaled. It works like a charm and makes a lot of difference. Those who get a irritated throat, this will help a lot. I love this thing, it's awesome.
" - Medical Mark

VaporNation Content Writer

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