The Original Gangster, The Iolite Vaporizer

One of the greatest vaporizers ever invented, the Iolite.  There are lot of things that make this vape great, but what really sets it apart is actually what it lacks, electricity.  The Iolite is completely off the grid and requires no wires, cords or electronics, that is why it is so special.  It is ideal for hikers, mountain bikers and outdoors-men of any type.

You can take it with you camping for weeks and vape the entire time, just make sure to pack your butane.  If you are an avid hunter this is the vaporizer for you.  The IAOVH (International Association of Vaporizer Hunters) have officially endorsed this vaporizer as "THE" vape to hunt with.  In a recent statistical study hunters from Arkansas recorded 27% more turkey kills than those using electronic vaporizers.  The numbers don't lie.

Read just a few of these reviews from hundreds of satisfied Iolite customers.
"I never tried a vaporizer until this one. I like it, it works well. Gets the job done. If you want to get a lot of hits be sure to bring along the can of butane though (like on a long road trip).. I like it a lot. But what I like the most is this websites service. I have purchased a couple of these now because my friends wanted their own. And this is where I get them. I think there are a few fake iolites out there somewhere. But this spot has the real McCoy." - Shrubsntrees

"What I love most about my Iolite, it goes everywhere with me!! Its so portable and thin that it fits anywhere, which means I can bring it with me anywhere. So easy to use and so smooth, also its easy to fill and last for a go amount of time. The only thing i don't like is the on and off noise the vaporizer makes, but when you go to see the next Iron Man movie the people sitting around you wont even hear But really its a great product!! ENJOY!"  - Iolite Go Everywhere
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