Storz & Bickel Delivers Plenty of Reasons to Vaporize!

Those looking for high-end, top quality vaporizers can’t go wrong with one of the most distinguished manufacturers on the market Storz & Bickel. Being known for their popular and revolutionary product the Classic Volcano, this German company emphasizes quality as their number one priority. If you have ever used the Volcano you know how effective and powerful it is. Using a forced-air system that fills potent vapor into a balloon-bag type system, the Volcano is one of the best if not the best vape for home usage especially in a group type setting. Another product by Storz & Bickel, the Plenty Vaporizer, has actually matched my impressions of the Volcano as it is suited for personal use and it’s a lot more economically viable. At a substantially lower price then Volcano Vaporizer, the Plenty Vaporizer is great for the user looking for German quality at a great value and with a more individualized delivery method.

The Plenty Vaporizer as a handheld unit differs itself from the Volcano in several key aspects. As it is capable of being handheld, the Plenty focuses on the ergonomics and the ability to ensure a great vaporization experience. While you can hold it, it still requires for a power cord for heating. Heating is great just like the Volcano as it uses an advanced analog temperature control system ensuring optimal heating and vapor production. The delivery method here is the main difference between the Volcano. The Plenty uses a unique cooling coil system that cools down the vapor carrying through the tube, allowing you to draw it from the mouthpiece. Compared to the Volcano I prefer this vaporizer as I can control how much vapor I receive at a given pace, similar to other whip-style vapes. Overall the Plenty is the perfect vaporizer for my needs. It is high quality, high functioning, and comes at a great price. 
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