Things you need to know about the Puffit Vaporizer

The first thing you need to know about the Puffit vaporizer is that it is extremely small and compact.  Next to the MFLB I think it is the most discreet vaporizer out there.  It is also very easy to use, one of the most straight forward, user friendly vapes made today.  It also boasts a very fast heat up time, the Puffit is ready to vape in a matter of seconds.  The temperature control works wonders and allows anyone to vape at exactly the temperature they want.  If all that wasn't enough it also comes equipped with an automatic shut-off feature so you don't have to worry about burning out your batteries.

If you purchase your Puffit vaporizer from VaporNation you will get some accessories with your vape.  Some of the things that are included are a "PUFFiT" vaporizer enhancer, one silicone heat shield, three mouthpieces, one USB charger, one carrying case, one removable stir tool, one cleaning and packing tool and four replacement screens.

Read what this satisfied customer had to say;
"I bought this vape because I liked to stop using the usual ways to use herb and would like to conserve it. It is very effective and can get me more bang for my buck. I don't have the plastic smell and is very discreet looking, however it can smell depending on your blend and cleaning may be difficult. The worst part about it was the price (compared to the PAX, It's better priced) however VaporNation gave me free gifts making up for the price.. Thanks VNation!" - Anonymous, December 7th 2012