This is what makes the DaVinci vaporizer so special.

There are a lot of portable vaporizers available these days, and only a few things that separate them.  Over the past several years DaVinci has catapulted themselves into the top of the field by staying true to their principles.  When I think of DaVinci I think of quality design and reliable vaporization.  With so many vaporizers being released all the time it is hard to know which vaporizers are going to last.  DaVinci has proven that they are here to stay, the portable vape is not one of the most popular portables ever made just based on looks alone.  Check out these two handsome devils vaping away with the DaVinci here at Vapor Nation. 
Still not convinced?  Check out a few of these stellar reviews from previous customers;
"This is the second vape I have owned and one of many I have used. I can't say enough about how much I feel that this is without a doubt the best vape on the market. Super solid, quick to charge and heat up, perfect temp control for different herbs...this is a must own if you recognized the benefits of vaping over other methods."  - David Blaise

Want to read one more review of the DaVinci vaporizer?  Then check this out;
"I was introduced to vaping by a friend who had a cheap 110 dollar iolite. After a few sessions I decided to buy my own so I did my research. This vaporizer is fantastic. It's easy to use, you can get a lot of good hits out of it and the adjustable temperature is fantastic. I don't know why people complain so much about the "short battery life". It has an indicator that tells you when it needs a charge so quit complaining.

The only complaint that I have is that the straw whistles. If you put your fingers around the straw and clamp down it makes it almost silent, but makes it harder to conceal I suppose. I tend to vape at home so it's not an issue for me, but it's a very minor whistle, nothing to be to worried about since most vaporizers make some sort of noise. Other than that it's a great vape and I would recommend it to anyone who wants something small, nifty looking, and does an excellent job at heating up material."
  - Venom